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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ceviche Anyone?

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I knew that I would actually begin to crave some when I sought out a picture, so I have some shrimp thawing now-hah!  It's good to know one's own desires.

A tidbit about me.  Hmmm,  That's always so hard, and I wonder why

I am currently looking at pursuing an alternative teacher certification program here in Oklahoma.  I've thought about it before, it can't hurt, might help.  I looked at it one time in Texas but they had some 2 year duty requirement and you didn't get a say in what school you were assigned to.  That and the huge pay cut made me decide against it at that time.

I'm at the age/stage in life where I realize it's not a life-time vocation or calling-just something I'm interested in.  Sadly, that means I'll probably be better at it than when I was younger and more ambitious.   Ok, that's not sad at all-it's a good thing.


  1. Debra Kay, I have a classroom full of materials I no longer need. I'll pass them along. They are in my spare room at 629! Now I can use it as a craft room!

  2. Hi Debra Kay...

    never had ceviche..looks incredible...Teachers are a treasure to society. Good luck.

  3. thx deb, i'm all for shrimp... or prawns, if you will ;)

    g'luck with the job search...

  4. My real word ceviche was to die for!
    I used papaya, pineapple, onion and shrimp, a little utah salt and a healthy dose of cilantro, plus a few pickled mushrooms that had some peppers mixed in.

    I've figure out the key to eating fruit is to make it into savory dish.

  5. debra kay, i've reinvented my career and i find i'm loving it. the best part is learning so much new to me.

    this ceviche was awesome. i had two helpings even though i was sick.