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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#37 under construction, but I do have a beachhouse

Hi, everybody, Pieterbie here. I've staked my claim for #37, but I'm still thinking about what kind of shack I want/need. In the mean time I have provided a beachhouse at the end of our beloved Blogland Lane.
I'm an amateur photographer and I play badminton, so I have at least two things in common with two of the other residents.
My blog, which is mainly photography is here.
Hope to meet you all in person here on Blogland Lane.


  1. Ahah. There you are. I saw this fun little beach house at your photoblog. Cool!! and so imaginative.

  2. Love the architecture!
    We're always in need of photographers at the salon/spa,,,,and we'll post some of your photos right in the lobby. Blown up biggie-size of course!

  3. hmmm seems the building's had a few too many! ;) lol

  4. what a cute little place, ideal for a chore free existence. welcome and here's a freshly baked carrot cake to enjoy.

  5. Hi Pieterbie,
    You have a different slant on beach living. (giggle)

  6. Lol! i agree with Laughingwolf up there!
    Love it! X:-)

  7. pieterbie, what fun to stop by and see that you've already met annie and babs wolfie and soulbrush and chewy and nollyposh. that make me happy!

    are you going to put some of your photos in the lobby of babs' salon? i would love to see the ones you choose to exhibit there...

    ps nice to be near you--just a couple of blocks away.


  8. Hi Pieterbie, it is so nice to see you here and now officially! Maybe we can make a beachwalk together and then you can take wonderful WONDERFUL pictures of me. :-)))
    Bye for now.

  9. Hi Pieterbie, that's certainly a quirky little beach place there! Looking forward to visiting you later when you've moved into your own home!

  10. G'day as a hack photographer myself . .love the house!

  11. Baino sounds like an Aussie to me :-)
    Will have to go and have a look.
    Great thing to have different cultures.

    Sure, I can see if I can provide something for Bab's salon. Anything particular in mind? Art? Nature? People...
    Modern, classical...

    A beachwalk with Wienene: hey, sure! And taking photos: just try and stop me :-)

    Thanks 4 your comments, neighbours!

  12. Pieterbie,
    Glad to see you've moved over, even if it's only your beach house for now. We must have a bonfire and a picnic on your beach.
    Can't wait to see the house you decide to build.

  13. Oh, Pieterbie, we're always needing good shots at the salon,,,,,all those make-overs that we do, you know? And it would be great if you could attend our Grand Opening Party this Saturday beginning at 7,, (Standard Daylight Beach Time), and get some action shots there.

  14. Hey, thanks for you comments everyone!
    I'm sorry I didn't make Babs's grand opening, I had promised to take pictures of the masters table tennis tournament here in Oostende.
    And you cannot be everywhere at the same time, obviously. Not even in blogland.