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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Dinner Invitation...Please Come!

You are invited to kj’s for a
meet-the-neighbors potluck supper

30 Blogland Lane

Saturday evening anytime
August 29

If You're So Inclined, Bring:

Your favorite appetizer, main, or dessert...

Your good humor...

Something to share
about yourself...


  1. I'll need to drop by early, as we have a concert to attend later that night! Thanks so much for the invitation.

  2. A dinner party? I'll be there, KJ, and I am absolutely honoured by the invitation. Is it alright when the first course is made by me. I am planning a 'huzarensalade'. Huzaren means hussars, but please don't think I am chopping a few Russian soldiers for this dish :-)

  3. I'm there KJ!
    I'll bring red wine, deviled eggs and potato salad.

    I love pot lucks!

  4. coolios, thx kj

    kinda like native potlatch? ;)

  5. Superb! I'll bring crab...did you know there are wonderful crabs in the bay we're anchored in?

    Thanks for the invite!

  6. I'm in like Flynn . .Erol Flynn . .er well maybe not cos he was gay but I'll bring stuff. Marion . .bring LOTS of crab (and I'll bring a clean T shirt) I don't actually usually eat crab in front of people. It's not a pretty sight! Wuffa if you bring latches, I'll be very disappointed. Wineke "Huzzah for the Hussars!" and I haven't had devilled eggs since I was an ankle biter! Why do I get the feeling that MAW is going to eat and run! Better monitor her daquiries!

  7. I'll grill salmon and make a giant Ceasar salad.
    I'll bring a nice selction of New Zealand white wines (because they're my favorite!)
    I'll also bring along some Van Morrison tunes to set the festive mood.
    yay, see you there!

  8. I'll bring some ceviche and every kind of stuffed olive I can find! So little time, so many olives.

    I've been thinking about Wienke's meatball recipe, and I've thought about trying to bread and fry a stuffed olive-maybe in a polenta batter....Or maybe just core out a polenta roll and stuff it with stuffed olives and bake it....Nah, that would be too heavy. Olive tamales? OH-Olive and egg tamales-mmmmm.

  9. Hey.... I have invited everyone to come at my tea party on 29th afternoon... haha..! what an coincidence!
    Hey Bloglanders... I guess we are going to KJ's dinner party from my place at #602... Cause I don't want anyone to miss the tea party!!!
    And KJ... don't say you will be busy in afternoon for making the arrangements for your dinner party... No excuses.... You have to come! No other options..! :D

    See you guys!

  10. Is there also a potluck party at 29th October (see column at the right) ???
    We are busy, aren't we :-)))

  11. no wieneke, i mistyped! it's august 29, today!

  12. Sorry I missed this, KJ, have been working too hard. Been away for work again as well.
    Hope to catch up on things now.