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Friday, August 28, 2009

Yumilies For Saturdie

I was going to volunteer dessert for the Pot Luck but I thought it a little ostentatious and it's Friday night, chardy night so far too much preparation.

That's better, an anti pasto plate with marinated olives, roast capsicum, semi-sundried tomatoes and some lovely Queensland strawbs, so big you have eat them in bites! Easy peasy Japanesey. Actually the little blue dishes are indeed from Japan.

Of course, no celebration is complete without a Mango Daiquiri made with fresh Bowen Mangoes: Peel, slice and de-stone 3 mangoes into a blender, lick your fingers and change your T shirt (this is Blogland Lane, there are no germs). Bung in a liberal splosh of Bacardi white rum. Have a quick swig from the bottle first to make sure it's not 'off' and go "HAHHHH". Add the juice of two fresh limes by halving and microwaving for 30 seconds - it makes 'em super slurpy add a shitload of crushed ice. Blend the bejeezus out of it until everyone tells you to 'turn that bloody thing off!' It's a big alcoholic slurpie! Just pour and slurp. Drink it slow because before long you'll be asking for another 'dango maquirie'. Cin Cin! Cheers, Bottoms Up! Or if you're of Welsh heritage like me . . "lechyd da"

Oh one thing I'd like you to know about me . . .I'm soft on the inside. . .srsly.


  1. good stuff, baino :)

    and from my scots side: a wee deoch-an-doruis to all!

  2. from my German background...schmecks gute! I think.

    Beautiful photos, especially the first one. I'm there.

  3. Isnt' it gorgeous. Clare and I had high tea at a lovely hotel in Melbourne a couple of months ago . .we couldn't do justice to the dessert table at all!

  4. I knew this was from you. I want that daquiri bad.