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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Stable at Number 13

Stable Pictures, Images and Photos

Here is the stable at Number 13. Plenty of room for visitors (current Coggins required). In addition to the usual array of horses and ponies, we have Zack the Z-donk

zebra donkey Pictures, Images and Photos

and Charlie the Unicorn.

Unicorn Pictures, Images and Photos

Charlie and Zack were part of a traveling show, but got tired of the wandering around and wanted a place to settle down. They like to tell stories of the road, but they love having the same spot to sleep in each night too.


  1. That's a strange looking creature (Zack). It's almost like someone dipped his legs in zebra. I"m glad he and Charlie have a home here now.

  2. Ooh Unicorns . . .shouldn't that be Unihorns?

  3. Oh, my! The beginnings of a petting zoo! You've made a lovely area for them to call home. I don't think my ginger cat, Dear Heart, would be afraid of them so I'll bring him by soon to meet Charlie and Zack.

  4. Wow!! Such a nice stable!! I only read about them in books and see in movies... specially Western movies which is a favorite genre of mine.
    @Debra: I have read #3 instruction in the sidebar and have come to know that I have to send you email to become an author of this blog. I really could not find your email address... Would you please help me out?
    Mine is:
    & my House#602 where you are always welcome!!

  5. I Like Z-Donk....The unusual is not a bad thing.

    Love the stables..

    Sonia ;)

  6. Wow, what a fancy neigborhood I live in!
    Love your stables and more the magical animals living on your plot!

  7. Oh I'm so glad that amazing animals have made it to Blogland Lane.
    I was hoping to see a unicorn here.

  8. Love the stables and Zack is too cute!!

  9. Just back from out of town, and have missed you all! Zack is amazing. I'd like to use his picture, if I could, for a science project we work on at school, cross-breeding beanie babies to learn about heredity.