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Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a party!

I've been having so much fun at KJ's potluck party!
Smoozin with all of you...
Laughter and swaping stories...

What will be next?

Brunch at my nomadic place?


  1. Hey, great you guys had fun!
    I'm driving in to France for a couple of hours this afternooi to relax a bit.

  2. @Pattee: Hahaha, of course, I am still in the mood, girl. What a night, what a night!
    @All who were present: As you could see for yourselves...André and his orchestra have enjoyed playing at KJ's very much. He just phoned me and said: 'Wieneke, what an amazing cheerful lot of people at Blogland Lane. It was a wonderful party and we enjoyed it very much. As you know, we made music tours in the US and in Australia and they were a big success, but an party at KJ's... simply whow!'

  3. pattee, did anyone crash at your place?

    what fun. the orchestra was quite the special touch.

    next time i won't be sick and i'll be able to show off my hostess and social skills, as if anyone needed them!!