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Friday, August 14, 2009

The 53A Lighthouse Library

Now that I'm settled in, I'm unpacking all of the books I have for the lending library I'm setting up. Here is a little taste of what is to come. The only thing better than coffee and a book is conversation about the book over coffee. Can't wait to start talking books.


  1. do i see a book club in the making? this is so cool, annie.

    my favorite book of the year was 'snowflower and the secret fan'. i'll bet you've read it...

    i don't read enough books...


  2. Hi Wolfie - I've just about finished "Jesus Out to Sea" by James Lee Burke, a series of short stories set in the Gulf/Delta. The stories range from the 40s ere to modern.

    Hi KJ - I haven't read Snowflower and the Secret Fan but after reading a synopsis, it's now on my Good Reads list.

    Yes, a book club discussion group would be fun. When people are settled, I hope that gets started.


  3. I like ones with pictures ... have you got some*?*

  4. Oh yes, Annie, what a good idea. We can have a book discussion club.
    I recently read 'The Pure Land' of Alan Spence in Dutch translation (De drijvende wereld). I have enjoyed it very much. Have a fine weekend!

  5. thx annie... i'm reading the scholastic junior classics version of carroll's 'alice in wonderland' with original illustrations by sir john tenniel, all of 159 pages long... a freebie i found amongst other giveaways in the lobby ;)

  6. I am a member of an online book club that was set up on a forum. Whoever set up decides who gets to pick the book that month (she keeps a list). Usually people pick something they read a while back and always wanted to discuss with people. I'm reading "The Gate to Women's Country" right now, it's a sci fi/fantasy book and nothing I would have ever picked out on my own, and it's wonderful.

    Caro (the book club leader) announces the book and we agree not to discuss it for a month-then a thread is posted where we all bust loose with our thoughts we've saved up for a month.

    It seems to work pretty good for us. The month gives us time to find the book (some of the members belong to paperback sharing clubs and such), and there are members who split the cost and share books.

  7. Hi! I am the other Annie :-). I have looked everywhere for your house??? I love the library idea!

  8. I love books, but I'm afraid I'm not much of a discusser, I just read the things.
    I'm currently trying to get through Salman Rushdie's "The enchantress of Florence".
    Good to know we'll have books in the lane.