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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Allo again from #10 and another course.

I have been having problems getting back on here because of my 'spam' warning, but -hoorah, it's all sorted now.
Greetings again to all my neighbours. (Tee hee I just realised I live at number 10- thank goodness it's not Downing Street, with that grump, Gordon Brown!).
And yippee, Lolo has moved in next door (or over the road ) at #11, near to KJ and me, yay!
Yay Lo.

I did this quick drawing of my lovely Gerry giraffe, and I am so pleased that so many of you have popped round to stroke him and have some carrot cake -with maybe a lovely topping of cheesecake. Let's get really decadent here!
New course: Caring for your animals here on Blogland Lane.
Venue: Elephant's watering hole, edge of the continent.
Date: Today of course.
Time: Half past eleventy o'clock
1.) Food: only caviar and champagne, five times a day till they look like this.
2.) Sleeping arrangements: always where you are, same room, same bed, same pillow, same everything.

3.) Spa: Peticures, of course(done by Manicures) every single day
4.) Parties: Throw them a party every Saturday night. Invite all the animals in the neighbourhood. Have extra chocolates, ice cream and fish available. Why fish? How should I know! 5.) Baths? Never!

6.) New pets: Don't need a licence, innoculations or a microchip

See ya all around Bloggy Lane with your wierd and wonderful animals. maybe you'd like to show them to us here in the next few days.


  1. well, ms. soulbrush, it's me, emily. this made me laugh and i liked all your pictures because all the animals look like they are nice. i have only been to blogland lane once so far and i am trying to move in with sonia but i'm not sure. anyway, would you be interested in sponsoring a course on how to cry really loud? because i could teach it.

    yours truly,
    emily rabbit

  2. My favourite is Gerry, his eyes are so great, so gentle and so very brown.

  3. what about a course on how loud rabbits can cry? i will be running one of those next 'spring'....get it...'spring', hop, oh em go back to sleep.xx

  4. I'll be sending my Golden Retriever over for the party. He loves carrot cake and not washing!

  5. yay, you moved next to me!!! We'll be up all night talking ;)


  6. Champagne and caviar...does everyone get some? I love your animals!

  7. I bet brushing that giraffe's top knot is a pain in the neck!

  8. I'd love to see you join Lissa' art project co op. the more the merrier. If interested go to my blog. I love that giraffe. A very nice sketchy loose style you have there.

  9. A colour on a grey and drab day down under! Very cute.

  10. I have never met so many colourful animals.