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Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Proposals & A Tea Party!

Hello all the Bloglanders!!! I'm from the little nest at #602! How are you all...? I have been missing you guys...!

I have been searching for time to present some proposals for our sweet blog. And today I have managed the time! :)

Okay... my suggestions are as below:

1. I guess we need a magical theme for this blog. So I would like to shout loud for the designers... Who wants to design it for the sweet home of ours...?

2. It would be great if we place a little chat-box in our blog's sidebar... So everyone can shout loud there...! Even those who couldn't be in the list of 100 authors! What you say guys....?

3. I have many other things coming on and on in my mind... but I'm saving those for later... I guess these two should be done first!

What you say guys...?

And hey my neighbors... I have been drinking tea alone for last few days..... Have you forgot me...? There will be a tea party on tomorrow afternoon. Venue: Obviously the new wooden benches I have bought which I placed beside my sweet little pond! Hurry up guys...! I'm eagerly waiting to hear your footsteps!

This is a tea garden of Bangladesh.... & This is the place from where I collected tea leaves for tomorrow's party! :)
And this is what I'm going to serve you guys!!!

One of the new benches I have bought! Wouldn't this be comfortable enough? :)

Cheers guys...! Have a great day!


  1. Riyadah can you post a link to your blog if you have one, you're not in the directory. I love tea . . two cups in the morning, strong with milk and one sugar!

  2. Okay.... I kept in mind what you have said. You are going to have a special cup of tea according to your preference!
    My blog address is:
    I'm waiting for you guys! :)

  3. I'll be there ... can I bring a tea type pastries?

  4. Why not!!!? Obviously you can...! And you are most welcome buddy!

  5. I love tea ~ and I'd like milk and one sugar cube~

  6. sounds neat, but lets no dilute the tea with garbage ;) lol

  7. Lovely bench, but a bit hard to sit on ;-) Can you come over and buy some beautiful coloured cotton cushions in my gift shop at 100? Yes, please, pour me a cup of your self picked tea. Hmmmm

  8. i'll be there for tea from bangladesh tea--i can't wait to taste it!

    i may have to leave alittle early to set up our potluck supper, but the tea will calm and ready me for my hostess duties.

  9. Oh, think I might have missed the tea party - am heading over to kj's potluck right now. Will drop by next week sometime!

  10. @Renee& Pattee: I mixed it with pure cow-milk... Hope it tasted different! :)

    @laughingwolf: LOLZ... I served you the neat one!

    @Wieneke: Oh I would love to have them.... I should have bought them before this party.... I will be needing 5 cushions... hope we will make a very good deal! How was the tea dude? :)

    @KJ: Tell me it tasted like heaven....! lolz... You were quite attractive and efficient as a hostess....! ;) Loved your dinner party!

    But hey KJ.... have you considered the proposals I mentioned?

    Take Care buddy.

    @Caroline: The door is always open for you... Just knock at #602 anytime you like!!!

    Thanks for coming to the party guys..... Love you all!

  11. I'm sorry I missed this, I've been working too hard. We must get down to playing a game of badminton one of these days.