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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi Everyone, It's Babs, and I am
settling into my new home.
My place is easy to find, I'm right next door
to Chewy. I opened the gate yesterday
and she popped over with her swimsuit.
I hope you will too. Anytime and often!

As you can see, my house is large, and I call
it "WANDER INN STUDIO", as it is just that.
There's room for all to create here, so come
by with painting, writing,,,ANY kind of art
in mind. There's always lots of singing here,
celebrating life at the sea, and each other.

I also hope you'll frequent the
a new business here on the Lane.
It sits to the side of my home at #64.5
We have a perpetual Opening Special
here,,,,all services are FREE,,,forever.
They include massage, facials, pedicures,
manicures and hair styling by our famous
award winning stylists. We're having a
Grand Opening this Saturday, with
live music provided by our very own
Blogland Boogie Band. Tasty delights will
be provided, as will the beverage of your
choice. Come have a cracker!

My Blog is HERE
PS: I have NO idea why the comments box is waaay down there.
I apologize. So, okay,,,it fixed itself. YAAAAAAA


  1. The swim was refreshing. Sorry that in my exuberance I splashed you with a cannonball. (giggle)

    I don't have much hair to style, but a free massage sounds awesome.

  2. Well, if you need a trim sometime,,,
    and I've booked you a massage for 7:00 Standard Beach Time.
    Oh, and watch those cannonballs will ya? You got my coiff wet! HA,,,,(like I'd care!)

  3. Free spa treatments! I'll see you in just a little bit.
    Your home is gorgeous. What a place.

  4. Wow, I can really have myself taken care of at your business. I'd like to drop by on Saturday, but one of my best buddies has his masters table tennis tournament on, so I'll be watching play there. Hope your opening goes well!

  5. Lydia, the staff is awaiting your arrival!
    Wolf,stay for lasagne,,it'll be ready soon.
    Pieterbie, thanks,,,,and do stop by another time, enjoy the tournament!

  6. gorgeous babs, welcome and i'll bring some carrot cake and maybe we can paint together too.

  7. Oh my, your house is a beauty! Nice to meet you.

  8. Hi Babs - house and location are terrific and as for your salon .. well, hope you've got enough staff - we'll all be taking you up on that offer!

  9. Hi Babs, I did not know you had such great facilities on the spot. Is it alright with you that I come over for a quick manicure. Nails look awful, because I have been working in the garden ;-)

  10. OH my, I need a spa . .I need my roots touching up, a manicure, a pedicure, some dermabrasion . .liposuction, prep H under the eyes and a massage.

  11. Oh cool, free spa and thalassotherapie, how wonderful.
    What a very good idea that is! So pleased to meet you, Babs. I'm certainly looking forward to visiting your fascinating house.

  12. hahaha, baino is going to have every treatment. i don't even know what a dermabrasion is. this is funny because my friend baino is a marshmellow doll of a woman to start with. i love the way she looks.

    and babs, since i am an aspiring babe, you know i'll be here regularly. i want hot stone massages.

    pieterbie said he would select some of his photographs for your lobby. i hope you two will post what it looks like....the first of many collaborations on blogland lane.

    (kj smiles hugely)


  13. kj: the stones are heating up in the fireplace,,we'll do your massage, and then show you how the dermablast works.

    Dedene,,,yep, totally free. Here's your terry robe,,,,

    Baino, have we got you covered! Prep H is now prepping,,here, let me get those roots goin'!

    Wieneke,,garden manis area specialty,,I have you booked!

    Caroline,,full staff, full time, great results!

    Annie Coe, nice to meet you too!

    Soulbrush, the paints are always at the ready. Just got in some new collage papers this morning with tribal backgrounds!

    Marymaw, pedis are always in demand,,sand in the toes and all that beachy thing going on.

  14. ahhhh what a neigborhood!
    This is the best move ever!
    Love to come for a swim!
    I am at #5!

  15. Wow! your WANDER INN STUDIO seems to be a cool place! I would love to listen to music on this nicest place of yours! I think I'm soon going to have to take some massage!
    Carry on!