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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Change is Good

kj tells me she likes the moniker "Middle" for me, so Middle it shall be! I have changed the tags on my posts from Mary to Middle (short for Middle-Aged-Woman), and guess what? I feel ten years younger.

Thanks for the fountain of youth, kj!


  1. ok, but what about MAW [for middle aged woman?] ;)

  2. my friend middle....

    i like the sound of that just fine.


  3. Laughing Wolf, that would be fine, too.

    kj - yup, it sounds wonderful.

  4. Ha! My mother was always terrified we'd teach our kids to call her Mamaw, like the neighbors (from Kentucky) did. Of course we did it just to drive her crazy. What is family for?

  5. I like the title of this post, I’m a bit of a change manager, you see. Change is good, most of my ‘victims’ wouldn’t agree with you 