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Monday, August 10, 2009

This is what happens if you copy the post

You can copy your original post from the Edit Screen (Dashboard, Posting, Edit Posts)

For starters, I'm going to replicate The Winchester Mystery House for my own blogland house.  I visited the house in San Jose when I was a little girl, and I loved it, I got it, I completely understood it, and I also understood that while Sarah may have been eccentric, I don't think she was crazy.  She was just rich enough to do exactly what she wanted.  At least that's the feeling I got, despite what the guide was telling me.

Of course, I will start with a replica-we'll just leave Sarah's house as it was when she died.  In real life, my own house has been in a constant state of flux since I moved in.  Going from bigger to smaller is great in theory, but harder to do in practice.  But, enough of that reality stuff.

See that rounded section behind the Palm tree?  The lower floor is a nice open airy sitting room, comfortable no matter what the season.  All the couches and chairs are on rollers, to make reconfiguring for conversations,  dining, etc. a snap.  Pull up a couch and stretch out for awhile, or take a nap.  Lots of windows for napping in the sun, just don't disturb the cat-she doesn't like it.

People who spend time here tend to claim a chair or couch for their own-and if you walk by, you can almost feel their presence.  Human Being's chair is the overstuffed, comfy one with a blanket tossed over the back.  We miss her when she's not here.

The upper floor of the turret is set up for creativity!  There is a writing nook, art supplies, tables, a sink and over in the corner-a trash chute, making clean up a lot less annoying for both artist and maid.  Instead of a solid door, there is a screen door that invites people in-along with a cat door mid way up.  Some door is needed or the dogs would have art supplies strewn everywhere, but it's in everyone's best interest to allow the cat free, uninterrupted passage to the big bank of windows.

It's a big house, we'll continue the tour later.  Welcome to the neighborhood!


  1. HI KJ, I'm trying to get settled in. I'm #53A at

    I lived in S.J. for about five year. Never got to the Winchester Mystery House. Go figure.

    I'll send you an email now as directed.

  2. Hi Debra X:-)
    i'm *here* and just sent my email after being invited by KJ X:-) i think i'm at number 112 (Can't figure out how that works if there's only 100, but there you go magic stuFF a happen' already!)
    Vicki x

  3. hi debra kay, this worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    see you on the lane!

  4. What a wonderful house and an inviting message. Although pink is not a color I am normally drawn to, I've fallen in love with that overstuffed chair covered in a soft salmon-pink and white checked fabric that I see over near what looks like my grandmother's tea wagon. That is where I'd like to call my special happy place in your home.

    p.s. Nollyposh poses a question that others will have, probably. I selected #543 but think that's ok since KJ mentioned there may be more than 100 actual residents, as opposed to the limit of 100 we have for authors of the blog. Correct? :)

  5. so you can copy, but you lose your original comments...i will have to give this all a try, and change my number of my address....

  6. Well don Debra Kay . .I've just emailed so please subscribe me so I can post No. 8 . . .great idea.

  7. Oh My have always wanted to go there...Love the lady and her

    Sonia ;)

  8. Fabulous place, and wonderfully creepy!
    Can't wait to explore it all,,,,,could take a while, huh? I'd never heard of this place,,it's fascinating, thanks for the tour,,oh, I think I heard hammers in the room over there on the right,,,I've got goosebumps!

  9. Think we'll need a guided tour of this place!! Looks fabulous!