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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Refugee Seeks Refuge

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It's officially decided. I do NOT wish to go back to school this fall. Love the sixth graders, just can't face the job. And when will I find enough time to write when I have to check papers?


I'l be hiding out here on Blogland Lane. If you see any people who look like school administrators, head them off for me, would you?



  1. yeah !!
    i head then off . you can count on me !!!

  2. what's an admin? or people, for that matter? :O lol

  3. Can I join you? Likewise, not looking forward to returning to school - read the scene in Cut Short where a teacher faces a class for a very mild and civilised version of what I face every day . . .

  4. ah middle, i'll be writing with you. i'm working only 3 days a week so i can write. sometimes i pull that off and other times the chores of life take right over.

    i imagine this was not an easy decision, and it seems to me you've made a good and right one. maybe we can write together sometime, here and there. :) & xo

  5. who? no, school administrator, i don't know of anyone by that name here.

    oh, there is someone who vaguely fits your description but she is wearing cut offs and a tee shirt that says 'chill' and right now she is fishing off the blogland lane pier.

    no, school administrator, she won't be around later either. i think after she and mim finish swapping fish stories, she is having a cooking lesson with wieneke and helping pieterbie with decorating ideas.

    no, not later either. as far as i know she is camping in with pattee tonight, but not before she writes and talks non stop with kj.

    well... she goes by the name of middle here on blogland lane. i'm sure she's not who you're looking for.

    but i'll pass on your message. i think she said she plans to return phonecalls sometime in 2010.

  6. Feel free to come over to #543 for a fruit smoothie, chased with espresso. We can talk. I will tell you about my favorite teacher, Miss Palmer, who made the 4th grade memorable to this day. It will ready your mind for your return when it happens, and if you are still hesitant I will read Charlotte's Web to you the way she read it to our class so many years ago...and you will smile and be anxious to make memories for your class.

  7. Ohhh, Miss Turner read Charlotte's web to us in 5th grade-I loved that woman!

  8. I too have been a teacher, and I too eventually had had enough, so trust me, I WILL head them off for you.

  9. On behalf of my daughter and son-in-law, both teachers, I'll promise to take them fishing, should they show up. It'll be an excursion many days long...they'll forget their mission by the time we return.