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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Famous Fish

What a great day I had yesterday! I was walking down by the ocean and saw a gorgeous fish jump out and walk up the sand. Normally this wouldn't have surprised me, but guess what this one was wearing? Yup - a tutu! I was starstruck and followed it to our big beautiful music hall, and snuck in to watch the rehearsal of none other than the famous ballet "Cod Lake".

The inside of the Music Hall

Scene 1 - where she is alone on the stage - oh how graceful and lovely this was!

The Finale - with chorus

I was sure that I was watching the famous Norwegian Welch that we have all heard about - and I believe that this was the famous Marit Lungfish-Cod. (as we all know, she has an inter-fishial marriage, and has been married for many years to the famous Brad Cod - and we all know the heartbreaking story of their sterility and their adoption of a shark-baby from Australia; a tiny newborn Cod from Georges Bank; and the recent adoption of 150,000 clown fish eggs! I did catch a quick glimpse of a nurse-shark holding the eggs; a famous ballerina can't be worried about carrying those babies all over the world can she???? But that nurse shark worried me a bit, she did look a bit hungry....)

ANYWAY... I did some quick sketches to show you all, I didn't dare use my camera. The grace and mobility of this stunning fish was wonderful to watch - she did pirouettes on her tail and didn't fall once.

So keep an eye out next time you're walking on the beach - you never know who you'll see next!!! Here are some recent siteings - Christofish Walker; Chuck Merman - the famous spawn of the inter-species marriage between a man, a mermaid and a bicycle = and I managed to snap a photo of a mer-person swimming her dogfish:
Aren't we lucky to live on Blogland Lane - you never know what you'll see next!


  1. hi !!!
    to discover your blog was a real fun .
    i like the lovely style you write and the pictures you take . and this fish is really funny .
    thank you !!

  2. Mim, I am in LOVE with your pictures. Do you sell your drawings?

  3. no , i don't intend to sell any more . my life as a profissional artist wasn't "a pleasure " . i just do it for love now .
    thank you .

  4. Sure - I'll sell anything!! let me know if you are interested in anything specific...mim

  5. oh that bow, mim. i want a reason to bow like that some time.!!

    our music hall is so beautiful! maybe you should be the booking agent for it. you could draw everyone (every non-one too) who performs there. what do you think of that? somebody has to work on blogland lane. i'm the temporary mayor, you know. (that means social director to me)

    i love these drawings, mim, and i love the scales and tales that accompany them. i do. i do.

  6. Mim...see this HUGE grin???

    Thank you ;)