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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

63 Blogland Lane Chewy's House & Art Studio

63 Blogland Lane is where my grand home is located, set a bit back into the woodlands where all kinds of inspirational wild critters roam. This home is large enough to accommodate all my "sisters" who dream of sharing our golden years together.

A comfortable sized home, newly built in the historical Victorian style, but with all modern conveniences and fixtures. Also plenty of electrical outlets, wifi, air conditioning, dimmer lighting, intercom system, invigorating multi-head shower stalls and a relaxing whirlpool tub. The greatest feature of this home is the wrap around porch. Perfect for cool nights as we chat, sip martinis, rock in our rocking chairs and call to neighbors as they stroll by.

An artist studio and gallery is on the property next to the house. A large bounty of art supplies is always available for anyone who wants to get creative. Feel free to pop in and see what's developing on my easel.

Everyone has their own space when they want it and warm enough to always have a communal place of love and support. Pets are welcome.


  1. you are a grand hostess already, chewy--every comfort and wi fi to boot! you will see my waving by this morning, on my bycycle, wandering lightly to get a sense of who's moved in and where. that porch is going to see alot of action. and you know babs has a little shop next door, which i need right now!

    welcome to the neighborhood, my friend chewy.

  2. (waving hand) Hey kj,
    It's a cozy, friendly neighborhood. (smiles)

    FYI - I followed your instructions by pasting in that blog address and then typed my password to post in here. It was easy.

  3. Chewy!
    Loved our swim yesterday, lets do that again soon!
    I want to come see what's on your easel, and tour the gallery. It's a kickass place ya got here, girl!

  4. Wow, this is one classy home.
    Blogland Lane is turning out to be a really great place!

  5. oh my goodness what glamour, and oldy worldy too. welcome to blogland lane and see you soon.

  6. Nice house chewy! Love that you accept pets, I'll be over with all four of mine :-).

  7. This is the quintessential American home . .love it. Nothing like this out here. Can I bring my Labrador? House trained!

  8. I love your style! And to think that it's a place where I can go to be with other mature women.
    You've seem to have thought about every possible need we might have.
    It's been lovely to meet you, neighbor, I'll drop by again soon.

  9. Wow all these mansions!!!!
    I have brought my own humble home.......
    Good to see you here!