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Monday, August 17, 2009

kj at # 9 Meets the Neighbors

This afternoon I headed out to the ocean side of Blogland Lane to visit Marion, who just arrived and is living on her boat, and Pieterbie, who is temporarily living in a zany little house on the beach. I hopped on my bicycle and even though I'm out of shape, I found that for some reason pedaling is alot easier on Blogland Lane.
Imagine my surprise when I came across this community of Cormorants just enjoying themselves in the sun. It made me think how lucky I am to be able to witness such a beautiful scene, and how happy I am that I have neighbors who beckon me and give me reason to see things I probably wouldn't otherwise notice.


  1. Lucky indeed kj!! I'll be looking out for those Cormorants too. Lovely photos!

  2. I'll be on the lookout, KJ! Those cormorants would have had me watching for hours.

    I've noticed how easy exercise seems to be here, as well.

  3. Hey, wow those birds are just great. Much better than those seagulls that have been pecking at my garbage bag.
    Sorry I wasn't in, KJ, if you can, drop by during the w-e. I plan to spend some quality time on the beach and I really should do some thinking about a residence for #37. I've already found the PC I want for my new pad, now just the house :-)
    I'm not very good at houses, I'm afraid.
    I'll just have to give myself some more time.

  4. Love cormorants. When I picture Blogland Lane, I imagine it windng around in a mystical way so that you are never far from any of your neighbors. So 2125, for instance, is actually close to 9.

  5. i'm going to answer these comments backwards. i want to do things alittle differently on blogland lane:

    secret agent, what a great image. 'winding in a mystical way'--i think you're right.

    peter, i took those pictures in provincetown while i was kayaking for the first time in thirty plus years! hey, take your time about moving. i imagine it's pretty neat to be living on the beach, not alot of worries about possessions, etc. but if you need help finding a house, give a holler. i'd be glad to help you look and i'll bet others of us would too.

    marion, i couldn't believe seeing these cormorants on the old dock. i'd never seen a scene like this before and you're right--i could have watched for hours.

    wolfie, they felt like neighbors! they may have felt the same about me!

    hello caroline, how are you doing? did you see anyone today?