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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raven Pink Pub

Hi All
Im Sonia at #4
This is my House...Im very into Olde English
Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Bronte

Inspiration everywhere inside and out...
paint in the garden, read under a shade tree.

This is Renee's nephew "Sheldon's Inspire Home".
He is down behind my home...I want rest, and his family to have quality time.
Jacquie theres a grill and full gourmet kitchen to cook in. Full central filter system to keep germs and virus gone for the healing time.
Sheldon is my Hero...and Jacquie the Queen in this cottage.

And this is the view we all will see...bliss

Dining area off the kitchen the hubb of the home in my home.

My living area..when I feel like doody I can curl up in.

My studio..emily's guest house..we roll down hills here.

The Pink Raven Pub...
pink for awarement in all Cancers to me.
All monies here is going to the bestest cancer screenings for everyone and anyone free.
Have a drink with or without alcohol...Its all there
whatever your delight is.

We have cute decor in Pink...LOL

Pedi's and mani's with drinks also.

Lounge and relax
Book clubs, poetry, and art shows will also happen.

On the back deck relax and take in the cool air.
Thank you KJ and Debra
for this wonderful opportunity to meet and greet.
Emily, we can show Sheldon, Renee, and Jacquie how well we roll down the hills.
Smiles ;)


  1. welcome sonia, such a big heart you have :)

  2. I am already in love with the pink Adirondack rocker!

  3. Oh! i like where i will be living. the hills are just perfect and maybe we can give lessons to everyone about how to whine and roll down hills at the same time and we could charge,say, $ 2 a person, or 25 cents a roll. what do you think of that??

    i am going to need your help convincing kj that i should live with you. i might have to tell her you need me to help you feel better. if she calls you to check, say that, okay?

    your friend,

    emily rabbit

  4. Me like. Especially the pink deck chair.

  5. Hi Sonia. It's nice to meet you. I'm Annie in 53A (not to be confused with Annie in #53). Yeah, we really did that. LOL

    I suspect there will be lots of competition for taking a seat in that sweet little pink rocker.

  6. Hello Sonia,
    A very cosy and 'gezellig' (untranslationable Dutch word) house you have. I like the greengrown roofs. The pink stuff is euhm... yes :-)

  7. Sonia, I love your home and your big heart. What a special place you've created for Sheldon and Jacquie while they're battling their illnesses. And guest house for Emily!! I think it's perfect.
    You can certainly count on me visiting and plunking myself down on that adirondack chair by the water ;)
    What a lovely home you have!

  8. Sonia thank you for including Jacquie and your hero Sheldon.

    I think they would both love it very much as yesterday was hard for both staring at hospital walls.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Welcome Sonia! I love all the pink and the studio with the grass roof is my favorite. I only live a ways down the street, come for tea.

  10. Hi yall....

    Nice to meet and greet so many new ppl. Wow...

    Renee...well you better get decorating those walls for my Hero, and his sweet mama....

    emily...sssshhhh ok i will with ya on that. Charging for hill rolling ok ..we will use it for donations towards jelly beans for Renee and her family to make them feel better..

    Laurel...visit away..

    Yall there are plenty of pink adirondack chairs for everyone. There will always be enough for everyone.

    Sonia ;)

  11. Hi Sonia, glad you've gotten settled in, it all looks so inviting!
    Come by #64 any time,,my door is always open!

  12. I looked at several lovely moss-covered cottages and they really appealed to me. They reminded me of hobbit homes. It was hard to pick a home for this neighborhood, but I'm glad there was a variety.

  13. What a beautiful cosy cottage and wonderful view! Didn't see this one when I was looking! Welcome to the Lane, Sonia!

  14. Don’t they say: ‘Pretty in pink’?