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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What the duck George !
Mildred, must I keep reminding you we are Wood Ducks?
I said duck you quack ... oh just ruuuuuuuuun George*!*


  1. Hi everyone, blogger has been mean to me and hasn't allowed any of my comments to be left at your new doorsteps this past week. So I've just returned from a one on one lesson with Miss Emily who kindly showed me how to throw frozen peas at the windows of Blogger HQ ... it was fun *!*

  2. that just another fup duck, bimbimbie? :O lol

  3. Wow, Annie. Your Wood Ducks are so different from our Wood Ducks. No wonder I've never seen them in our trees!!

    Nice talking with you yesterday. We'll have to do that again.

  4. bimbimbie! you're here!

    i'm pretty sure use of the 'f' word could so easily sneak in here, but i will be dignified and just say: this quacked me up!


  5. Well about time! What on earth is that thing? The kitey coloury thing I mean, not the ducks.

  6. Yes, just like Baino. I cannot see what it is?

  7. baino, here is bimbimbie's reply to your question, she is having a @@#$%%$ time getting onto blogland lane!

    Tsup*!* Baino it's my hot air balloon, only I'm having trouble with my wings, hence almost bowling over poor old George and Mildred ;)