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Sunday, August 23, 2009

DotComHouse at # 37

So I have finally managed to decide for a place at number 37. Not very original, but I’ve decided to call it the dot com house. I’ve been looking at all the other houses that have been erected here and I wanted something original. Have I succeeded in being original? I will now have to start thinking about the inside of the place. I actually went in this place in 2008, the inside is pretty empty. That gives me the liberty to do with it what I want. I will keep you posted as I advance.


  1. Welcome!
    Love your love
    haven't seen anything like it before!
    Can't wait to see the inside but please keepo it a little empty, space is great!

    Greetings #5

  2. Very original. This will be the most varied neighborhood ever.

  3. pieterbie! i am so glad you've found your dot. i can't wait to see what you do with the inside.

    and yes, you've managed to keep it original. deborah who has a house-airplane may challenge you for most original, but that may depend on what you do next :)

    i really like being in touch with you more often. yay!


  4. Definitely one of a kind! Looking forward to seeing inside!

  5. Original, most definitely! It's going to be a treat to see your decorating style...

  6. Very original! I hope you can decorate it and make it a little more cosy.
    Do you need any help with the curtains?

  7. The beach house was a bit too windy, I suppose. This is quite another housing, Peter. But I you promise me that you will make it a bit more homy.... you can have for free (!)a few baskets withs beautiful flowers out of my Flowershop. Because you are you :-)

  8. @Dedene: I know it doesn't look very cosy, but I wanted to be original, of course. I'm sure it is not your style, but I'll make something of it, don't worry.

    @Wieneke, thanks, I'm delighted with the flowers, better than bitterballs any day.
    You should come over once I have my kitchen installed, I'll cook something delicious and really healthy for you.

  9. invite me too, peter! i want to come when wieneke comes. ask her to bring her apple pie.


  10. Thanks, Annie Coe.

    OMG, apple pie, you are always very welcome, KJ & Wieneke.