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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Debra Kay's sought-after email address.....and a special fish lives here

Image and video hosting by TinyPicHi Everyone!

My blogging friend and close neighbor here at Blogland Lane, Riyadh, is having some difficulty getting signed on officially here. I believe I see the problem. We might want to consider printing Debra Kay's email address in the sidebar information so that it is easily accessible for folks to send initial sign-up emails to her.

In the event you have been searching through past posts to find is kj's post that gives the email address, in case you want to refresh your memory on all the instructions or read them for the first time.

Debra Kay's email address is

On another note, about 25 years ago I had a dream that was so funny I've never forgotten it.....

I was paying a visit to my hometown of Reno and was enjoying a walk along the Truckee River, which runs through downtown. To my surprise, I saw a "little girl fish" walk out of the river. I knew she was a little girl because she was wearing a pink ballerina tutu and she looked simply adorable. She walked (no legs, I guess she used her tail) over to a Coca Cola machine on the banks of the river and got herself a soda pop.

I was SO excited and enchanted and wanted to know all about her. There were two old coots, dressed in waders and carrying their fishing gear, coming down the grassy bank from their car. I ran over to them and asked, "What Kind Of Fish Is That?!!!" One of the old fishermen looked at me, turned his head and spat on the ground, then turned back to me and said,
"Why, that's your Norwegian Welch."

Guess what I saw today along Blogland Lane River? You guessed it! I saw our Norwegian Welch practicing for her next recital. Her tutu was of a madras pattern. I can't guess what that costume might indicate the ballet program to be about. Can you?

As you can see from this tinypic video, our Norwegian Welch is not always dressed in costume...but she is always agreeable to playing with children who live here.

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  1. OmGoodNESS! Are my eyez deceiving me? Or are they showing me *magic* i wonder? X:-o!

  2. oh lydia, i have to tell you: this is not only magical but i love the fact that you are my neighbor. i am going to adore getting to know you. i really am. (i hope it turns out to be mutual) :)


  3. lydia, p.s. i rewrote the instructions for moving in and included debra kay's email address. thank you SO MUCH for stepping up.

    i've now seen the norwegian welch three times. all i can say this time is oooooooh.


  4. A Norwegian Welsh? Why that would be Marit Larsen, I'll wager. Well, come to think of it, I don't think she has a tail.

  5. @nollyposh- Yes, magic indeed!

    @kj- Of course I am going to adore getting to know you! Thanks for tweaking the instructions for everyone.
    Will you attend the next recital by the norwegian welch with me? I think the unicorn at Stable 13 will be handing out the tickets...but the schedule is probably sketchy, since playing with children in the river is a first priority for that magical fish.

    @Snowbrush- You introduced me to a singer I didn't know about. Thank you! I think Marit Larsen is charming, and in the video for If a Song Could Get Me You (which is totally captivating!) she is shown in a perfect little boat in the middle of her studio. Perhaps she is a quasi-mermaid. I do not, however, think that she is the norwegian welch, although I bet the fish would feel highly complimented by the comparison.

  6. @Aunt Lydia,
    Thanks you so much for mentioning about the problem here...I can see that KJ has already solved it. Thanks KJ!

    Your dream was so magical... And I would love to see those magical events in our magic land: Blogland Lane... !

  7. I had a feeling that Snowbrush would think it was his little Merit.
    What a lovely dream you had, and so glad that fish in tutu's can live in blogland lane. I feel a picture coming on....

  8. Debra ... I can't post my home here...
    Do you know why?

  9. @Riyadh- It's wonderful to know that you will be officially moved into your place soon. I'm so glad that you live near me, and I am anxious to try some Bangladesh meals!

    @MarkD60- Thanks! I anticipate many happy dreams now that I live on Blogland Lane.

    @Mim- You must know Snowbrush and his favorite musicians. That's fun. When you say you feel a picture coming on does this mean that you will soon be painting a picture of our Norwegian Welch? I hope so, and I hope you place it on the community art gallery wall.

    @pieterbie- Yes, indeed, I woke up laughing after that dream!

    @Pattee- I see that you have been successful in posting your home now. That's great!

  10. I loved the image in this post and have drawn a little fish for you here -