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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smiles from Number 53

Hello lovely neighbours, I'm Bimbimbie, some of you I have shared a waive and a smile with already, others I'm looking forward to doing so over the next coming days.

Chances are if I'm not at my kitchen table or in the garden feeding the birds, I'm quite likely to be travelling overhead in my hot air balloon. You can't miss it, it's rainbow coloured and flies silently on two giant wings*!*


  1. I am breathless thinking about your amazing balloon with wings! What a magical thing it will be to come out from my cabin and look up to see you there.

    Truly, Bimbimbie, your kitchen table is situated in one of the loveliest rooms I've ever seen. Oh, the texture of those walls and the celebration of light.....

    Come over to hear your housewarming music at my place (click).

  2. Hello Lydia, you're welcome to join me anytime for a balloon ride ... I'm not very good at navigating so I just let the wings decide, which is more fun*!*

    Thanks for the invite, I'm coming over ...

  3. yay! yay! she's here!

    you have a hot air balloon? here on blogland lane? that is soooooo cool. and it has wings? i have to see this, annie, i have too!!


  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous-er, gorgeous-est! X:-)

  5. Hi Bimbimbie, please, PLEASE may I come with you in your balloon and fly over Blogland Lane. It must be awesome to see all in a birds eye.

  6. Bim, my eyes are DEVOURING this room!
    Here's a cake I made myself to go on your cake plate. I hope you like coconut, it matches your decor.
    Now where is the balloon parked, and how many can go at once?

  7. Annie! FINALLY. You've moved in. I've been looking for you for days. Holy Hannah girl. You get me all fired up to move and I do and you make me WAIT. There is no hiding from me now. I'll hear your wonderful balloon landing when you return. Do I get a ride??

  8. Testing Testing 1 2 3 ... blogger is being mean to me and won't let me leave replies to you all ... so I'm testing to see if this time I can*!*

  9. Hurray*!* I was very close to letting loosemy Leo roar ...

    Hello Kj I'm giving by balloon a bit of TLC this weekend, sadly she's looking a little shabby after out move to the Lane - we had an unfavorable headwind all the way here *!*

    Smiles and waves to you Nollyposh and Wolfie :)

  10. Yes of course you may Wieneke ... sometimes one or several birds decide to take a closer look at us as we fly along, they like to hitch a ride on the basket edge*!*

    Oh yum coconut cake, Thank You Babs, please take a seat whilst I pop the kettle on. You'll find the balloon parked at the back of my place in sight of Annie's lighthouse next door at 53A. There's enough room for ten and a large picnic hamper *!*

  11. Annie hehe I should probably say no for confusing me with Holy Hannah ... but seeing as I need your lighthouse to guide me home I'd better say of course you can ;)

  12. Welcome Bimbimbie. So glad to meet you. I would love to go riding in that ballon with you
    :-). I have many more to meet here on blogland Lane, so I must rush off...

  13. That looks like a very unique corner.
    A hot air balloon: I like the idea!
    I've never been in one, tried two summers ago, but the weather was too bad.