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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet me at #602!

Hi everyone!!

I have finally moved into Blogland Land! Thanks to Aunt Lydia, KJ and Debra for helping me get into here! I'm so Happy to announce that I have done with digging the pond I promised! Now all my neighbors can gossip beside this pond hour after hour! Cool breeze is always blowing over this sweet little pond!

My cute little nest at #602

For those who have not yet visited my little nest at #602... I'm inviting them all cordially to visit my nest and have a cup of tea with me beside my cute little pond!

And I would also like to let everyone know that I have small flower garden beside my nest where I grow Roses... So if anyone needs roses... please contact me!!!

Do you like playing badminton...? One of my favorite sports.... So I did not make any delay to make a badminton court inside my nest... Who wants to join me...!? :)

For my 1st announcement of getting into Blogland Lane... Please have a look at this post.

I'm so very happy to move into this sweet community of ours! Hope we will make this community a strong one! And definitely we will have a lot of FUN!!!!

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!



  1. Welcome! I'll be over as soon as I have some juicy gossip to share with you. You can find me at #735.
    Glad you got through the Google mess.

  2. Welcome! You have a very sweet nest there.
    Feel free to amble by #11~I'm right next door to KJ, Marianne and Renee and down the lane from debra ;)

  3. Hey, as you know I'm game for badminton.
    Great court, can you block the sunlight out a bit? Else we won't be able to see the shuttlecock coming.

  4. Welcome!
    Love to drink tea near your pond!
    Do you play tennis also????
    Happy Ramadan!
    >M< from #5

  5. riyadh, hello and welcome. i'm liking your aunt lydia very much so it is nice to know you finally made it here. your pond is very soothing. does it have fish in it? and i can just see pieterbie taking photographs of badminton games, that is, if he's not on the court himself.

    and i'm wondering if you are going to be cutting and sharing any of your roses? i could trade you some garden tomatoes or some cut zinnias?

  6. Hello and Welcome! Your roses look beautiful!

  7. Hi Riyadh! Your home is of the greatest cheer, I think...yellow exterior and red roses out back. Your badminton court is spectacular, and that view! I will now click on the link you gave for your special announcement.
    Happy Ramadan, Nephew!

    (p.s. I sent a message to Dex asking him to consider moving to Blogland Lane, as I think he would be happy here..... Let's hope he moves in!)

  8. Riyadh- welcome to Blogland Lane. I am up for a game of badminton anytime.

  9. TEA? Did I hear someone mention tea and gossip? I just happened to be walking by with this plate of pastries-have some please! Why yes, I will have a cup of tea, so kind of you to ask!

  10. Hi Riyadh, you finally made it! It's been a long time ago since I played badminton, but maybe I will ask your permission to come over to this magnificent hall and see whether I still can do a few 'dances' close to the net :-)

  11. @Dedene: You are always welcome!! Can't wait to have a chat with you at my place...! :) And I'm going to visit your place pretty soon! Sounds we are going to be great gossip buddies!

    @Studio lolo: Thanks you!! You have got all the known neighbours around you! So you won't be unknown for long! Great to have you here buddy!

    @Pieterbie: Hey!! Haha.. I remember buddy! Thanks for the suggestion.. I'm soon going to manage some curtains to block the sunlight! It's going to precise! Cause we are going to have a great game soon! And hey!!! beside doubles I want to play singles with you too!! :)

    @Marianne: Thank you! I dug the pond only to gossip with my neighbours sitting beside it! And Can't think of a chat without a cup of hot TEA!

    I don't really play Tennis... But did play it for few times..... Want to try me? :D

    Happy Ramadan Again! :)

    @Secret agent woman: You are welcome to play!!! We are looking for more player!! It's going to great fun! I will throw a tournament soon when we will have more players!! :)

    @KJ: Thanks KJ, once again! I'm really happy to see that Aunt Lydia is my closest neighbour! She is the person of honor indeed! "LOVE to you Aunt Lydia"

    YOu like fishing buddy? Then just don't worry.... I'm going to manage it pretty soon!

    Pieterbie is at risk... Cause I asked him to play singles with me! haha! :D

    I want to trade roses offcourse!!! And I'm going to broaden the size of my garden and love to have you as my trader! Hey.... I like your deal... Let's do it! :)

    @Caroline: Thank you so much!! You can pick one if you like them.. But not more than one! haha.. ! ;)

    @Lydia: Thank you so much Aunt! You are my closest neighbour and I'm expecting that you will always be in my sight!! And there is no need of cellhpone between us... Just shout a little loud... I will answer..! :D Happy to know that you like my place.... As you know I live alone here but I guess I won't be alone as I you are just at my next door!

    Happy Ramadan Again Aunt!
    A lot of Loooovvvveeee from ME :)

    (* I visited Dex's blog and tried my best to cheer him and I totally agree that this place will make him happier!! I really hope he moves in... I can't wait to see that we three are haivng tea sitting beside my pond!! :) )

    @Middle Aged Woman: Thanks!! You are always welcome in my court... Let's see who beats who!!! :D

    @Debra kay: Haha... Plate of pastires with Tea.... our gossip is going to be continued forever now I guess! Love to have tea with you..! Come with whole gang! I guess I'm going to stretch the surrounding of my pond pretty soon!

    @Wieneke: Hello! It's not a problem that you haven't played recently! You can practice here all day long... as it is open for all the Bloglanders 24/7! Come any time you like! I will also have to practice a bit! Want to see your 'dance moves' soon! Then we will decide...: Shall we dance..? haha!

    Cheers guys!