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Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm creating witches

Winter Witches and giveaway Witches ~

The Winter Witch is all in White except for her black painted canvas ~

And if you come to my blog and make a comment on this witch you'll be entered into my giveaway that I'm having. Picking a name on Halloween night~

Quiet Days

The past two weeks have been quiet ones. I've walked on the beach, lost a few pounds, worked on crochet and fabric projects. I've been listening to my inner voice, finding even more refined direction and insight as I follow the bread crumbs of my personal journey with God.

I also decided to join a swap - my first in at least two years. It was fun gathering up the goodies and I even threw in a couple of books. It was all mailed off today and I'm thrill that I decided to rejoin the world long enough to share in the fun.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

kj Hawks Her Book

Hear Ye! This is a early holiday pitch on behalf of my beloved first book!!
The publication of The Light Stays On has been sheer joy. It's a thrill to hold the book in my hands, to hear from people who've read it and liked it, to see reviews and excerpts in print. I haven't done the promotion piece justice in recent months, but The Light Stays On is finding its way through Amazon, Barnes and Noble. com, some book signings, a recent book reading, and several favorable critic reviews.
I apologize if you've come here for leisure and here I am promoting my book. I haven't and won't do it often, but as a jump on the holidays, if books are on your shopping list, I am offering my blog buddies, here and at my own blog , a discounted rate of $10 per book for purchases of two or more books (plus postage).
To get this rate, you will have go to my blog at (see my sidebar there) and order through Paypal. I will include a beautiful bookplate with each purchase, personally signed by me and inscribed to who ever you'd like.
Or you can order by email at and pay by check. The shipping charge is $ 4.80 for one or two books, a bit more for three or more.
If you are not familiar with the story, here is the synopsis from the book's back cover:

The Light Stays On by Karen Jasper
$13.95 List price
Publisher: Chihuahua Press
Is it morally defensible for a wife and mother to leave her family because she's fallen in love with someone else?
What if that wife and mother is terminally ill?
.And what if that someone else is another woman?.
For Alex Fournier, it is the pull of obligation and duty to her husband and children. For Lily Peterson, it is the challenge of loving a woman who belongs somewhere else.
.They are apart for seven years, until a terminal illness strikes. When they finally meet again, they begin an unforeseen and unimaginable journey through a maze of confusing and tender connections with each other and the innocent people who love them.
You can find some reviews on my blog or at Amazon. com.
Okay, I did it. I promoted my book on Blogland Lane. I did it. I hope you don't mind. And if you don't mind spreading the word, I would appreciate it. I have sales goals in my head, and I'm over the top excited by every single sale!
Thank you, thank you.

Friday, October 23, 2009



We are delighted to have you here at the first of many gatherings at the Turtle, where natives and guests mingle in the warm night air and the conversation is as spirited as the dance steps.

Listen to the sounds of the Tres Amigos as you choose your drinks and get your feet tapping.  You can adjust the sounds to your personal levels. 

The Margaritas are icy cold and have their own table near the pool.  There is a cash bar under the rear portico where the bartenders can mix anything you want.

Vincent also put pitchers of Sangria on the tables around the pool.  Help yourself.  I don't know if you have ever had Sangria, but here is a recipe I've used for years.  Just remember, its not too sweet, so you can use it as a jumping off point for adding fruit, although the more fruit you add, the more it will taste like punch.  And, the Sangria pitchers are so much fun!

Spanish Sangria
3 1/4 c. (26 oz) dry red wine
1T. superfine sugar
juices of 1 large orange and 1 large lemon, strained
1 large orange and 1 large lemon, thinly sliced
1 c. club soda
Add juices to wine and refrigerate.  When serving, add club soda.  Prepare glasses, or large balloon wines by putting 1 slice each of lemon and orange against the inside glass, add ice, then pour in the Sangria.  Makes four glasses.

This goes really well with Tapas, especially if you can find those wonderful little plates that fit on top.  We buy them buy the case here.  

You are in for a treat.  Rose has made lots of tapas and she is a fanatic about freshness, so they will all be hot and crispy.  Don't even think about the calories.  You don't want to know.   Rosa keeps all her recipes in her head!  So, enjoy them while she makes them, but I can give you a few general clues.  Whatever she makes, she mixes hot and cold temperatures, mild and spicey flavors and sweet and savory mixtures.  Then, she adds little pick ups.  Heres a sample.

Mix cream cheese with smoked oysters.  Make another mixture of egg salad, but use aolli instead of mayo.  Stuff hollowed out small yellow and red tomatos.  Brush pita toasts with a little mixed cream cheese and mayo.  Top with a little red onion and smoked salmon.  Add flavored olives, some sweet gerkins and cinnamon pecans and you done!  I can do this; I can't touch what Rosa does.

Isn't Vincent a hoot!  He is just way too cute for his  own good.  He may have had too much Sangria.  Someone point him upstairs a little later if he starts listing to the left. He will grab all of you and drag you to the dance floor sooner or later.  He thinks he is Fred Astaire (his hero).

Now, I know you are tapping your feet, so GET UP AND DANCE!!!  You can do it, just swing your hips and your feet will get the idea.  Just pretend you know what you are doing and pretty soon, you will.  

Girls, we need to find Baino.  She HAS to tell us the story of big sombreros and large guitars...............

Grab a Margarita!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

BE CAREFUL..........

Several employees here at the Turquoise Turtle have seen someone lurking about, both around one of the upstairs rooms and then again out by the pool.  I'm finding things around the place, but can't seem to get a handle on this.  

Whoever it is will not get away without paying for the room.  I found this book by the tea service, but the bed has not been slept in, nor have the towels been used.

If this is a freeloader, its certainly the oddest one I've ever encountered.  Nothing is missing.  Still, I thought it prudent to warn you all, especially those of you with businesses.  You just can't be too careful these days.

Let me know if any of you have a clue what is going on here.  Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Happy Hour.  

Unbelievable....look what one of the maids found upstairs! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lot 40, House #268...The Voice

What were the odds I would find an old telephone in this old house, in the corner of its entry way?

I suppose I should not have expected smooth sailing when I bought this lot...Blogland Lane has a reputation I'd heard about even when we were sailing the high Seas.  I remember the whispers about it from out neighbours in the sailboat anchored next to us at one of our stop-over places...the tales intrigued me even then.  And here, in this elderly home, those strange stories are bearing out...

I tell myself...It is only a telephone, a really ancient one, at that.  Don't be such a wuss...

There is no sound, here in this room.  Birdsong, Ocean waves, Wind...all are muffled, indistinct.  I consider calling Wolf or Owl or even Spider, but I am known for my stubbornness.  Wolf has shaken his massive head often at my disinclination to compromise; Owl will simply not put up with it.  And Spider...well, she tends to hibernate at this time of year. Waking her would be, quite simply, hazardous.

And I don't feel danger here, in any way, only apprehension. It is not yet time to call for reinforcements...I would only question my Allies' advice.

The telephone is not connected.  I pick it up, and use it the way I've seen these old phones used in movies, by holding the earpiece to my ear, not really expecting anything, only following instinct.

And just as soon as I do...the telephone RINGS!

Startled very badly, I drop the phone, shattering the silence in the room by letting loose with a string of expletives.  Of course, being frightened in this manner, I immediately react with Anger, kicking that telephone to the farthest reaches of the room.

It continues to ring.

Trying with some difficulty to regain my composure, I consider the situation.  I watch the ringing telephone, urging myself  to calm down and answer the thing.  My heart is pounding, sweat drenches through me, my hands are trembling badly...

I take a deep breath, as I walk over to the phone and once again place the receiver to my ear.

The ringing ceases; I hear nothing from the earpiece but the wavy sounds one hears when a Seashell is placed against one's ear.  I manage a shaky, tremulous and questioning...Hello?

A Voice booms out into the room, so loudly I once again drop the telephone.  But it doesn't seem to matter...I have released and allowed this Voice entrance by my inquiring Hello.  I know better than to do so; not allowing entrance to energies not yet fully understood was one of the very first lessons taught by my Animal companions.

WELCOME!..the Voice shouts...Welcome, welcome, welcome!

The word reverberates and echoes through me.  I have not yet completely lost the all-consuming Fear, but the warm word welcome goes a long way in reassuring me.

I try to shakily answer the Voice, but it is not interested in listening to any speech from me.  The Voice does not seem to come from only the telephone...the very walls, the floor, even the glass in the window seem to be speaking, in an extremely deafening, booming way. And the Voice seems to be made up of many voices, each melding into one, yet distinct, as well, if I listen carefully enough.

I can almost make out...someone...I once knew...

Voice goes on...Many long years have passed.  There has been much time spent waiting for you to return, but it seems you HAVE passed many of your lessons. You have accumulated some knowledge...whether it will be enough remains to be seen.  But your banishment has now ended!

My eyebrows raise and I can feel my hackles rising.  Strange, this instant Anger...but the word banishment raises sudden feelings of loss, sadness and misunderstandings.  And I wonder...

Have I learned enough to challenge the Voice?

More in awhile...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Preventative Healing

We hear a lot about Preventative Medicine in our culture, be it well care checkups, immunizations, or tests and scans that are recommended to catch the physical problem before it becomes a bigger problem. I believe we need take that a step further, and heal ourselves from within so that medicine is less likely to be needed. This can be in the obvious form of adopting a more healthy lifestyle or in a deeper form of spiritual healing and nurturing that soothes us so profoundly that we don't manifest outer disease.

Spiritual healers such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer refer to disease as dis-ease, meaning that disease is the result of our bodies being "ill at ease" with something...with our path, our relationships...our own inner resistance to our outer situation, which then creates tension and stress in our bodies and ultimately manifests itself in disease. Louise Hay has certainly lived that idea in her own healing of cancer in her body, as well as through the many people who have been helped by her book or those of other Hay House authors. There are many examples in which these spiritual leaders have shown through their own experiences that one can heal physical illness through faith and by ridding the body of things that have caused dis-ease.

While preventative medicine is a wonderful avenue for staying healthier, we should not forget other measures that do not have to do with medication or medical practices, delving into ourselves to find our true path and course, which will then put us as ease, rather than dis-ease. Our health issues can be wonderful clues from above as to what we need to work on, or which directions are not working for us. All that it requires is that we pay attention, in earnest, and take steps to correct our missteps or alter areas that are incongruent with our true plan or purpose. When we begin to live our lives more accurately on our path and rid ourselves of the obstacles (self-imposed or otherwise) that steer us away from our Higher Selves, then our bodies will become more at ease with our choices, through better health, fewer physical problems, looking younger, and other noticeable physical responses.

I speak repeatedly on my personal blogsite ( about spiritual guidance through connection to Source, to God, to angels and spirit. I do so because I have seen so many wonderful and miraculous things in my own life and many of those that I have worked with, so I KNOW that it can have an immediate and profound impact on one's life. I feel that I must share that with as many as possible, as many as are willing to listen or open enough to consider the possibilities. There is a great energy that is touching many people at this time to examine their lives, to search for a deeper spirituality, to find and live their real purpose...rather than just living out a routine existence. It is a truly exciting time. If you have ailments that are bothering you, understand that they may have a deeper root than just the medical implication, then search beyond the pills and medicine to try to go to a deeper place within yourself and a higher power beyond what you have known so far. (This does not mean to ignore the medical options, but simply not stop at those for all of your solutions!). If you search earnestly and faithfully, I believe you will find your answers, your healing, your peace.

Art Box Exchange

Mim and I did this once on my blog-and it was a blast.

It's simple-go to your personal stash and pull out a few items you'd like to send to someone else.  It doesn't have to be a kit or even make sense.  "Found objects" are great-maybe you saved something but never found a place for it in your art.  Maybe you have a stash of favorite pens.  Some cloth.  Whatever.  We ALL have our artist's's ok if it's unopened, but please don't go buy stuff-the point is to use what you already have.

My suggestion is you fill up one of those postal service boxes that ship for one price.  For those of you not in the US, they are about the size of a cigar box.  But, any size box will do.

To participate-post a comment here and send me your mailing address to
Don't post your mailing address here-it wouldn't be safe.

I will match up people and send your address to somebody on the list.  If you have a post office box for such things, that is fine.  I won't give your address to more than one person and I will delete the list when  the project is done.

Deadlines (ick)  Yes, we have to have them to be fair to everyone.  Deadline for getting your address to me is Sunday Oct. 25th.  You can get your box ready at that time too.

I will send out addresses via the e-mail from Blogland.lane sbc etc. on Oct. 26th.  (You will get one address only, not a group e-mail).  Please ship your box no later than October 31.

I've been involved in these group projects before, and it's no fun to be the one who waits and waits and waits.

On Saturday, December 5th-I will post a thread and we will reveal what we have created with our new stash of goodies.  You don't have to use the entire stash, and you are free to add your own stuff-but please use something FROM the stash.

My hope is this is a way to share bits of ourselves and then see how others take that bit and move forward with it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Introduce Yourself - Right On #997

That's what they used to say in the cheer when I was working (oh, how I hate the sound of that word) at an elementary school. Introduce yourself - right on! [foot stomp, foot stomp], Introduce yourself - right on! [foot stomp, foot stomp]. So here goes.

I'm Margy and I'm new here on Blogland Lane. I found a lovely big lake at the end of the road and decided to tow my cabin on over and anchor along the shore. I'm in spot #997 if you're looking for me. I want to give a big thanks to Marion on Lot #268 for leading me to Blogland Lane and Debra Kay in #13 for getting me all settled in. It's nice to know such nice people already.

I like meeting new people, going to parties, and just hanging out and chewing the fat. But I also like my solitude, so living up the lake is perfect for that as well. Tow my cabin to Blogland Lane? Now what's all that about you say. Well, my abode is mobile on the water. If I want to relocate, I just hook it up to my trusty boat and give'r a tug. Once I find a likely spot, I anchor her down with steel cables and set up housekeeping.

When things are happening on the Lane, I can hop in my boat and head on down in a flash. Thanks for letting me join the neighborhood. Come on up when you can, sit by the wood stove and enjoy a brew (coffee, tea or the kind with a head).

To Baino


Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Breakkie

If kj is doing pancakes, can I bring mini muffins and pastries? I had these for breakfast this morning. My lovlies took me out for my birfdie . . .and I got a new 50mm lens so I'm stoked! It's totally awesome!

Yeh . .I was a bit naughty and had some of this as well . .

All rounded off by one of these . . .

Breakfast is so nice when someone else is paying! Have a lovely weekend Blogland lane!

The pugs and I at #4
 (yes we been MIA)
wanted to say~

"Have a Bloody Good Weekend"

Smiles xoxox #4 Sonia

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Turquoise Turtle Bed and Breakfast


To celebrate, all Bloglanders are invited to Happy Hour, this Friday, October 18'th, from 4:00 p.m. till the wee hours, where the tapas are always hot and the margaritas are always icy cold. The Tres Amigos will be playing their South of the Border sounds as we Tango the night away to those steamy Latin rhythms. You will be mingling with the guests, some of whom have asked to meet the 'locals'. It seems that your quirky reputations have attracted quite the following.

Before that happens, I promised to catch you up on the hacienda renovation.
As you know, the place was an abandoned wreck on the hilltop, but Blogland Lane was such a good address that I took the plunge and closed the deal almost a year ago. 'Team Renovation' arrived immediately and began in earnest with their crews. The first to arrive were the landscapers, armed with truly lethal looking machetes. It took days to hack through the jungle of neglected lawns to the buildings, most of which had vines curling through all the broken windows from the cellars to the attics. There were bird's nests crowding all the ceiling beams. You can just imagine the purple mess under those. It was enough to make Mr. Clean jump back. What do those birds eat anyway? Speaking of cellars, the crew found dozens of bottles and crumpled papers with mead recipes scribbled on them. Very odd.

But, once all that overgrowth was removed, we found the bones of the old gardens. There are wonderful old roses
the remains of a perennial garden complete
with paved pathways, moss covered
statues and stone arches. Orchids hang in
the trees and there are several different
varieties of lavender than can be used on
the linens. The jasmine has been trimmed
back to frame the windows and doors and old blood oranges grow near the pool. The scent of the blossoms is intoxicating.

The carpenters finished the heavy repairs a few months ago and were followed by the painters who tried in vain to figure out just what sort of shade 'sunshine' could possibly be. That sent my General Manager, Vincent, into a snit. He has very definite ideas about color and as I was up to my ears in fabric samples, he stepped into the breach and provided 'too perfect' samples of what he considered 'sunshine'. The place looked like a patchwork quilt for a while, but now it glows, as I made sure to tell Vincent. "Naturally, darling", said he with an elegant toss of his head. It has to be wonderful to be that confident.

While that was being handled here, I spent most of the winter collecting just the right accents for the guest rooms and common areas. I found most of them in antique shops, lovely things with an aura, that have been cherished through the years. One of the upstairs rooms was the perfect place for a beautiful old silver tea service with a luscious patina. As I was polishing it, I swear, I saw the reflection of an old sepia etching showing a huge waterfall with two small men near the bottom who must have fallen over the edge. It was over a fireplace mantle. Nothing in the guest room looks like that, nor does the room have a fireplace. Another odd happening.

A few weeks later, one of the painters, who was busy painting 'sunshine' into all the corners, came flying down the stairs saying he tripped over something when he saw the room "shimmer like a heat wave". Then he handed me a Persian slipper filled with tobacco. See what I mean?

BoldAll that aside, I'm really lucky to have found two key employees who are going to be pivotal in making the Turtle run smoothly.

The first is my Chef, Rosa. She is well rounded, usually stands with her fists bunched on her hips and looks at you with her head cocked to one side while her black eyes gather information. There is no better judge o
f character than Rosa. Nothing gets by her. She is formidable, all 4' 11" of her. Just a word of warning, do not get between this woman and her food. If you try to show her your way of preparing a dish, she will snatch it out of your hands and hurl it over her shoulder, all the while smiling as she serves you her food. I'd eat it if I were you. Her specialty is deep fried squash blossoms with chipolte sauce. You will sell your soul for these.

My Genera Manager, Vincent, came to me after he and Simon, his significant other, ended their long term relationship. We talked that over to death. He is the best girlfriend I've ever had and I absolutely lust after that two carat diamond stud he wears over his gold earring. In addition to being tall, dark and willowy, think Orlando Bloom, Vincent has fabulous style. If you want a 'to die for' accessory or a whole new look, just ask him. Its like being sprinkled with fairy dust. No pun intended. Love you Vincent! Kiss, kiss!

So, Rosa handles the kitchen and the staff there while Vincent is in charge of the domestic staff and the front desk. I am either in the back office going over accounts or strolling through the grounds trying to look like Scarlet before the War. Vincent says I have to learn how to flounce, a sort of flirty, bouncy way of making guests feel special and relaxed. I have tried, but he says it looks more like my first time in stilettos. Note to self: practice flouncing.

Its been a labor of love and I'm tremendously proud of the Turquoise Turtle. Yet, I'm not entirely at ease. Sometimes I round a corner and feel an undercurrent, a sense that someone has just left. And then, there is that huge wolf that keeps peeking through the shrubbery, testing the air for something that isn't there. What next! I'll just have to believe this will all work itself out. It's probably just opening day jitters.

And for crying out loud, whose violin bow is this anyway?!

Come see me Friday at The Turtle!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friends with Money

Well, before my "friends with money" head off to sunny, warmer climes, they agreed to set anchor and let Blogland Laners use their "houseboat" to have a "Welcome Fall" party on the water!

They'll supply the boat and the crew and the "waitstaff" and we just have to bring food, beverages. I hope their waitstaff is cute, attentive and well, I'll leave the rest up to your imagination...

I'll bring Mojitos, Guacamole and handmade tortilla chips!

I can just imagine this Villa Yacht filled with witty, congenial, laughing neighbors...lots of stimulating conversation, dancing and romancing maybe??

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Middle's Untitled Fiction - Now Taking Suggestions

First go read the beginning here.

Her brother's wedding. I wish I could say this was long coming. I wish I could say we were all happy about this. But Brian is twenty years old, and it all just feels wrong. I really thought the days of shotgun weddings were past, but when Lisa's parents--her dad really--found out she was pregnant, Brian was on the hook.

And he should be, I guess, but marriage? At twenty? They're still babies themselves.

The whole situation casts a pall over what really should be a very beautiful occasion. Not a very auspicious start.

And to top it off, the groom's sister needs to get her ass in gear if she doesn't want to be late. Gently now..."Jen? I'm gonna start the c--"

I'd have stopped short anyway. As she comes down stairs, I see she's wearing the emerald green dress that sets off her eyes so well. Quickly I calculate the time in my head...undressed...back upstairs...damn. No. No way. She laughs.

"No!" she smacks me on the shoulder, "We do NOT have time for that. You're so obvious."

"I'm consistent," I admit, and give her a quick kiss before we head out the door.

The Turtle Is Coming!

I know, I know. You are all wondering what on earth is going on with the old abandoned hacienda at the top of the hill. And you will know in a couple of days.

For now, all I can say is that the small army I like to call "Team Renovation" has d
one a fantastic job. They are finishing up this weekend and I should be able to move in soon. When you see the gates at the bottom of the hill are open, drive on up and visit. Its Lot 67 and the address is 3271 Blogland Lane.

Don't leave anything in your car though. Things go missing and end up in the strangest places and things I've never seen before appear out of nowhere. I'm too busy to worry about it now.

For instance, what on earth is this!?

I don't smoke, nor does anyone who works for me, yet there it is.
It doesn't feel like anything sinister is going on, more like a prank,
yet thats not quite it either...........

I'm so looking forward to meeting all my new neighbors.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Somewhere in New England in the USA, nature has picked up a paint brush and is readying its shades of reds and yellow and oranges--a reminder that vibrant passion cannot be stopped.
That is how I feel about my neighbors on Blogland Lane. Vibrant passion cannot be stopped. Thanks for the community. Among a tribe of wonderful people creating wonderful colors and words, it's great to belong.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've FINALLY finished my witches!!!

And they are listed on etsy....
Thanks for looking or should I say "Made you look" LOL!

(Updated) I Feel a Little Fiction Coming On...

A freeze is coming. I can tell. When my left knee is dialing the chemist's for prescription refill all on its own, it's time to break out the long underwear.

Not for me, of course. I have my own personal summer to keep me warm. For my partner, the one with three percent body fat. Eventually, I know she'll be tired of sleeping in hat and mittens.

A little hot tea, a little cuddle with the human furnace, and all is well again.

"Jennie? are you almost ready? We really should have left ten minutes ago. And it's your family after all..."

No answer, but I can hear the hangers sliding back and forth in the closet. Best not to interrupt, even though I know I'm the one who will get the over-the-spectacles glances from her father for making us late.

Outside the gray sky is low enough to touch. I hear a drip-drop-drip every few minutes as the last of this morning's rain finds its zig-zag way to the downspouts. Night rain is better. That sound is so soothing for falling asleep. Better than Ambien.

"Jennie! Any time soon?" I venture again.

Silence for a moment, I know she is rolling her eyes at me, then, "You're not hel-ping..." she sing-songs, "and relax, we won't be late, I promise. Don't we always make it on time?"

She's right, of course, but I'm driving.

Rusty Doorknobs--Lot 40, House #268

As I disentangle myself from the Vines and Branches, I ask Wolf...What do you mean? What on Earth is happening here?

Wolf smiles his rather fearful grin, his teeth glinting a little in the Sunlight. 

You will see...he says...But only if you leave your Fear behind. Have I ever taken you on a journey which caused you harm?

I pick off a recalcitrant Vine, thinking back to some of the escapades on which Wolf had taken me.  All involved looking closely at some part of me he was not satisfied with...and while these did not harm, as such, each small sojourn did bring a rise in apprehension and anxiety.

Ruefully, I ask myself...Why should this journey be any different?

And with renewed Trust in Wolf...he is a messenger from the Gods and my Spirit guide, after all...I straighten my back and march to the door.

The door is made of heavy planks of Cedar.  Gargoyles have been carved at each corner, rather cleverly, I think...if I stare hard and long enough, each Gargoyle seems to move...

I tear my glance away.  The last thing I need at this moment is to engage with Gargoyles.

I focus on the doorknob.  In particular, I notice that it is in dire need of polishing.  When (or if!) I return to Blogland Lane, I vow to check the Employment Notice Board to see if I can hire a handy person.  One who is not afraid of travelling Vines!

The doorknobs are ornate, although I can't see the detail for the rust and tarnish.  Made of Iron, I believe each might be a depiction of a part of Wolf.  I shake my head, with some despair, and turn to look at Wolf.

Wolf is gone.  Of course he is. For some reason, I am to enter this fantastical abode alone...

My hand touches the knob, feeling its crenellated surface only fleetingly before, as if by some magical hand, the doors open slowly and silently.

I stand on the sill, staring into the gloom.  The entry area is dark, dusty.  The one window is covered with Vines and little light passes through.  For all the darkness and dust, the Air smells as fresh as the early Morning after a Rainstorm.

There is no furniture in this rather large room; the floors are covered in long, wooden planks.  With the dim light, it is difficult to make out how the walls of this room have been finished. I have an impression of dark, heavy, and carved wooden panels.

There is no Art on the walls that I can see; if, as my intuition is telling me, this House is to be mine, the first thing I will do is call Bliss Gallery, back on Blogland Lane.

It would be possible for me and my companions to live in only one room, in the beginning, at least; however, I could not be content in a room with no Art.

I see no interior door leading anywhere.What kind of home is this...I wonder...It looks far larger than only one room from the outside!

My eyes adjust to the dim light.  I make out an object in the far corner of the room, on the floor.

I wonder what it might be. It is dark, vaguely odd shape... and looks slightly familiar.

As I move closer, heart in mouth...that entry door which opened so magically for me, just a short time ago, could also close, leaving me shut tight in this dark, gloomy room.

Standing as far away from the object as is possible, I squint, trying to make it out without moving closer.


Back in a mo...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gallery Opening Was Fabulous

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to.  I've been up to my eyeballs in everything and nothing at all-that's pretty much life for me IRL. (in real life).

On Blogland Lane, things are a bit more leisurely-and I like that very much.  On Blogland Lane, I can go for long walks and visit with elvish folk.  I can catnap in a tree with the cat or a crow or wade along the shore and converse with dolphins about their latest fads.  Dolphins are very much into the latest and newest "thing" at sea.

In case you are wondering, seashell necklaces are OUT and multiple kelp strands are IN.  Now you know.

Friday, October 2, 2009

When Harry Met Silly - A Bless Gallery Photo Study

I'm still very much a beginner and frankly take more 'candid' shots or careful studies but found myself on a beach at twilight with a friend and her dog Harry, when we met a very rambunctious and hairy something-or-other. He was wet, bouncy and I just snapped madly and ended up with some pretty lovely shots which really show the motion this double-jointed firebrand possessed. I can't paint, sculpt or draw but photography continues to be my artistic outlet . . enjoy "When Harry Met Silly"

Harry . . .

Silly . .

Harry, Silly . .and . . .well someone else!

Bliss Gallery Opening Night

What fun to be here. Now that I am up and posted, I'm going to go take a look around. Thank you Annie, for arranging this event.

This year was a year of "firsts" for me.

First Handmade Purse

First Felted Purse

First Wrist Warmers

First Bloglandia Ball Gown

First Wallhanging

And now, my First Fiber Show. I'm loving all my Firsts.