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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moved in last night

The rest of the day will be rainy, but the sunrise this morning was awesome. I'm tired from moving in, so am going to read in bed until noon. I'm using the royal suite for now...cozy eh?


  1. Good morning, Mim! Tell everyone you live at number 31! And can you please add a link to your regular blog so I can add it to the directory?

  2. Hi Mim,
    Hope I didn't wake you up! Lovely to meet you, I do hope you'll be showing us more of your house here.
    Come over anytime for tea at 735!

  3. aaaah, mim, how comforting to know you have arrived. you deserve the luxury of the royal suite, since you'll probably be unpacking for most of today.

    isn't that sunrise fantastic? and middle and dedene have greeted you already.

    i like it all....

    love love

  4. not a man's choice, methinks ;) lol

    [btw - blogger is investigating to see if we are in compliance with its TOS... wtf? GRRRRR]

  5. Good morning sleephead. Time to get up. I'm your neighbor at the lighthouse (53A) Coffee's hot.

  6. Psssst, Mim, are you awake? Whow!!! This is what I call a state bedroom. I am deeply impressed. Welcome, neighbor!

  7. Mim, I'll just sit here in one of these beautiful blue chairs with your coffee,,,
    oh, and your Girlfriends page will go very nicely with your blue walls!

  8. Divine! Now want to see the rest of the house! Welcome to the Lane!

  9. Nothing like a rainy day for snoozing X:-) Love the blue!