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Thursday, August 13, 2009

7984 Blogland Lane

Hi Everyone, it's Caroline here! Isn't this exciting? I'm here at No. 7984 which I think looks like it's the last one at the end of the lane! I'm more or less unpacked and getting settled in to my my new spacious home - just the studio left to set up now. It was such a hard job choosing my ideal place! Having lived all over the world in all kinds of homes - everything from a 300 year old cottage in England to a brand new Arabian style villa in Dubai - I'm game to try anything! Except, that is, an apartment. Yes, I do draw the line there - I've just got to have a garden - I need to be surrounded by greenery, oh and preferably a good view! Well, as you can see this house ticked all the right boxes and I can't wait to show you around! Pop over - I might be in the studio, or on the beach - just follow the path past the house, the studio's right there and take the steps down to the beach.

Always game for a challenge, I'm currently mulling over the possibilities for that large room under the studio. It's such a lovely setting with fragrant tropical flowers and trees, shallow pool and stunning view. Maybe I'll set it up for workshops by visiting artists or a small gallery, or maybe even a little shop with gorgeous items for your interiors perhaps with a little cafe attached to enjoy a cool drink after your art or retail therapy! I'll keep you posted!

P.S. If I'm not at home you're most welcome to visit me at my blog - Caroline's Studio. See you soon!


  1. O, Caroline, what a magnificent home! I'm astonished by it, really.
    Have you really lived in all those other places? Very exciting!

    You are more than a walk from 543, but a good bike ride away!

  2. You're going to regret those palm trees when all their little bits fall in your pool! You can borrow my pool boy . .he's eye candy!

  3. Caroline, what a lovely place! You will have to tell us more about your worldwide adventures! Maybe over wine beside your pool?

  4. wow caroline! your place is so elegant and cozy at the same time. i can almost feel the breeze at night, some of us sitting by the pool relaxing and sharing our stories.

    i want to hear about where you've lived too. this made me think that unlike our individual blogs, we will get to know one another, perhaps, in a different way. i am meeting you and other people i don't know and i'm enjoying the process of learning and sharing more about each of us: out tastes, preferences, hobbies, skills, humor, creativity, etc.

    welcome. you can be damned sure i'll be by.

  5. Welcome Caroline. What an amazing home. My house looks to be on the far opposite end of the lane. Be sure to sail over for a visit. The coffee is always on at #53A.

  6. hi caroline, really neat place you have there :)

    i'm at #333

  7. Hi Caroline, welcome neighbor. An awesome residence you've got there. See you later!

  8. Love the boulders and clifts in this area Caroline,,and maybe we could sometime set sail from here. I see some sailboats passing now,,,

  9. Sighhhhhh... i think you're up and over by the lighthouse, Boy what a view! Too beautiful X:-)

  10. I'll be sure to stop by and have an art day or two with you if I may! I knew you'd have a magical place. Wow. Lovely!
    I'm all the way over at #7, but are we ever really that far away from one another on Blogland Lane?

  11. Beach houses seem to be in.
    Mine is a bit on the more modest side, of course.

  12. I'm just now looking through the homes of my new neighbors. I picked one with a pool, too. Should be plenty of opportunities for swiming as people travel about the neighborhood.

  13. I am finally having time to visit all my neighbors, You have a lovely home here, welcome!

  14. Oh wow!!!!
    All these fancy houses, I wonder if I fit in......
    Love your place!