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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea Time at the Riad

Just to let all my dear neighbors know, I'm inviting you over for mint tea and cookies tomorrow! Come to the pink riad (#735) and walk right in.
The guests of honor are kj and Debra Kay, for all their hard work.

If you're still settling in and need a place to stay, let me know.


  1. Thank you for the invite.... see you then. Nolly at #112 invited me over to see her new place, and I've fallen in love with your community. I see myself living among all of you. I'll be moving in over the weekend. xoxo

  2. yay! it's a relief to see posts besides debra kay and me. i'll be over for sure tomorrow you might find pieterbie and let him know because i think he loves mint tea.

    welcome welcome. your place is stunning. and i already know you are a wonderful neighbor...


  3. Thank you for the invitation. I'll take a nice long walk from 53A and drop in for tea and cookies. I'm sure I'll find a shell or two along the way to give to you as a welcoming gift.

  4. Dedene, Thanks for the invite!
    Of course I'll be over for tea,,,who could resist tea at this beautiful place!

  5. wow what a lovely spot, think i'd get lost in it, could i bring some carrot cake for you all when i visit?

  6. Hello Dedene! I love Mint Tea - drink it all the time, so will be round shortly! I love your house too - it's one of my dreams to own a place with an interior courtyard like that! Wonderful!

  7. This is so . .warm and welcoming and . .hold the mint tea, bring on the bubby. Actually Sangria looks just right

  8. Welcome! I must get busy and visit all of you, too. I think our little community is going to be lots of fun.
    Bye for now, Dedene

  9. Did you ever hear the song, Midnight at the Oasis? That's what I'm humming with the words to your post title: (It's) Tea Time at the Riad!

    How sweet of you to offer a place to stay for those who aren't yet settled. I'm not sure if anyone else thought of this!

  10. Oh wow I love this one!
    Yes I would love to come over!