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Thursday, August 13, 2009

543 Blogland Lane.....blessings to all who enter here

Hello to all my busy new friends! I won't take up much of your time because we're all getting settled in. As a matter of fact, it's all so exciting and somewhat tiring moving that, since posting about my home at 543 Blogland Lane at my blog (click), I've been taking lots of breaks at my little writing cabin that is just down the side hill, there in the thicket of birches. You now know where you'll likely find me if I'm not at the big house.

What I have to offer you today is a special piece of music for you each to play in your new homes at Blogland Lane.....maybe as the sun is rising at the beginning of your day, or maybe as you stroll around your garden in the gloaming at day's end. Here is Beethoven's The Consecration of the House.
My ginger cat, Dear Heart, asks you to work the controls yourself while he dreams himself into the music.....


  1. Hi and welcome, Lydia! And thanks to Dear Heart for bringing along the music! I love that big bow window at the front of your house. Bet it has a lovely comfy window seat to curl up on!

  2. Hey Lydia . .no Rap, no House, no Garage? Funk it up girl, funk it up!

  3. Lydia,
    Thanks for the lovely music. I'll play it this afternoon over at my riad.
    Welcome to the neighborhood!

  4. lydia! what a wonderful welcome gift, complete with your one of a kind cat and radio.

    many of us have the great homes we've dreamed about. it's becoming obvious that affluence is abundant in our neighborhood, and not just fianancial. i suspect we will be generous and kind and wicked fun to and with one another!

  5. Welcome Lydia! Thanks for the visit and for the gift of music. I love your house and my favorite is your little hide away :-).

  6. Hi Lydia. Albert schweitzer said "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats". To that I would add a third refuge - our new neighborhood of Blogland Lane.

    Lovely music. Sweet kitty. Stop by anytime. The door is always open.

  7. Am looking for a puppy myself. Maybe a kitten for company?

  8. hey lydia, thx for the great ludwig piece... and welcome to the lane :)

    i'm at #333 ;)

  9. Hi Lydia, just listened to the music. Beautiful! Is Dear Heart the first Blogland Lane pet?
    Bye for now, must rush to my shop at 100.

  10. That's a nice way to put out the welcome mat!
    Stop by #7 anytime. Kitty is welcome too ;)

  11. I love your cabin Lydia!
    And how sweet your gift,,,with the perfect selection!
    Do you have reliable window washers yet for your big house? If not I know someone,,,,

  12. Oh my! You are all just too wonderful for words. Thank you for the fine welcome for me and for Dear Heart...including an invitation by studio lolo for a visit from Dear Heart! Perhaps, yes, Wieneke, he may indeed be the first Blogland Lane pet. I'm sure there will be others soon, as Middle-Aged Woman is looking for one!
    Caroline and Babs both mentioned my windows at the big house. Yes, they are lovely, and no, I haven't found window washers yet so I will be asking for that referral.
    Dedene, kj, and Annie Coe, Laughingwolf, and Babs appreciate the gift of Dear Heart's music selection -- and Annie adds such a fine quote and additional thought. Baino requests that I funk it up but I'm afraid I must rest up after the heavy move, who was it that has the spa with free treatments.........

    I believe I may be spending more time in my cabin. In fact, the big house may go up for sale down the line. I'll see first how I feel about it after furnishing it!

  13. Hello Lydia I followed the sound of music down to your cabin door where I spied Dear Heart practicing his maestro moves ... he's very good*!*

  14. Thankyou Lydia for the lovely housewarming gift X:-)Love your bay window!

  15. The music isn't coming though here, I'll have to try again later.
    I like the idea of having a cabin to write in.