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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

629 Blogland Lane

Hi! I'm your new neighbor, right over there at 629. Can I borrow a cup of sugar? I was going to make a pie and discovered I was out! Oh, and while I'm here, do you have shortening, flour, vanilla, salt, some apples and a pie tin? I'm not really good in the kitchen.

I am handy with a camera, so if you need a photo of something for, I don't know, insurance purposes? I'm your woman. I'll swap, photos for food, lest I starve.

Looking forward to meeting the rest of the neighborhood!
Find me most of the time at Unmitigated, and find our fledgling directory on Google Docs here!


  1. hello mary (is that your name, i hope so?!)

    welcome to blogland lane. i think you'll like it here. would you mind adding your blog address to the bottom of your post--i'd like to stop by there too and say hi but i don't know how to get to you.


  2. Oops! Thanks, kj, I meant to do that. I also added a link to the directory I've started.

  3. i cannot believe you've put our #'s and names on a spreadsheet!! are you okay taking this on--adding new residents and letting us know when we are approaching 100, which is our limit for "authors" being able to post.

    and mary, if you don't mind, could you add our invididual blog addresses on this spreadsheet? that way we will know how to reach each other every which way...:

    and last, are you called mary, or middle or maw or what do you prefer?

    thank you a million for just doing what you've already done. yay!

  4. Mary or MAW is fine, and I'm glad to do it! I was just thinking we needed a column for regular blog lonks, so I'll add that.

  5. Lovely house. Thanks for all your efforts in building this neighborhood.

  6. Marymaw, Beautiful place!
    Always plenty of food at my place,,Lasagne is currently baking,,,,wanna trade meals every day for some photos? I need some 'make-over' shots at the salon/spa. Deal?
    Oh, and thanks so much for helping do tech stuff. If it were up to me, Blogland Lane couldn't happen.

  7. Aha, interesting, my hobby is photography.
    I like eating as well.
    Good to have you on the Lane.

  8. hiya so happy to meet you and welcome, what a splendid place you have, hope you like housework. tee hee.

  9. Hello Mary! Welcome to the Lane - love the house! I'll pop by tomorrow - hope this directory won't take up too much of your time!

  10. Mary! Hello neighbor! I think we've run into each other before somewhere on the blogosphere. Anyway, you take pictures and I'll be happy to cook for you!
    Stop by anytime you're hungry at 735, the pink riad.
    BTW: Thanks for doing the directory!!!!

  11. Oh Mary! I just had a look at the Google spreadsheet, that's fantastic!!! Maybe you should just make everyone fill in their own home blog addresses? Is that possible?
    Good luck, and if you need any help, just holler.

  12. well mary, maw, i am in a quandry about what to call you because i want to call you 'middle'. it just like the sound of it. but i will behave if needed: if 'middle' is not okay, please tell me and it will be marymaw (i think babs said that)

    anyway middle, thank you so much for taking on our census information! how should we handle new neighbors? mariana has just moved in to #1172 and it seems i should let you know everytime, right? or do you want people to tell you directly?

    we'll also need to know when we are approaching 100 because that will be our limit for those of us who can post. we could have a secondary list for neighbors who live on blogland lane but are not part of the original 100 posters. and maybe our debra kay can figure out a guest post address that anyone can use.

    all these thoughts. anyway, i just want to make sure you are okay keeping track of who's moving in and where etc, and i thank you for it. and i'm glad to get to know you, middle, ah, mary, ah marymaw.

    damn, i still like middle best...