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Thursday, August 13, 2009


ok... no point in my trying to post additional pics, not even 1/4 of one shows, no matter how often i try new ones! :(


  1. I know I sound very tech-support-y, but have you tried restarting your computer? I've had the same problem with Blooger and Typepad, and a quick restart is usually all it takes.

  2. thx... i have, but the pics are still less than 1/4 size

  3. i see a lot of unused space to the right of the text in the sidebar here, perhaps some tinkering is due?

  4. oops, and almost as much unused space to the left... a total of some 5 - 6 inches...

  5. funny, wolfie, i have less than an inch of space left on both margins.

    why not email debra kay and see if she can help figure it out?


  6. thx kj... will do :)

    on my own blog, i have less than an inch on both sides...

  7. The appearance of the blog is going to vary depending on what computer screen you are using and what browser and how your hardware is set up.
    That's one of the "issues" of a shared space. I'm working from a laptop and I have unused space. (I once prepared a lovely presentation with lovely colors-that showed up horridly pink on a different computer.)

    That said, it's a template issue, and we can certainly tinker with it later on-first I want to get the blog approved by blogspot before we put a lot of time into the template.

    The size of the picture is determined at the upload-fiddle with the formatting a bit and you might be able to request larger pics.

  8. thx deb... have a 19" monitor, using firefox 3.X

    settings i can't muck with, since i'm using my son's pc... not my mac, yet

  9. I had the same problem with the first picture I posted here. I thought it was because I just sized it too big.