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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ART opening at Bliss Gallery

This is just a little reminder post to all artists interested in showing their work at the first ever
art opening at the new gallery in Blogland-Bliss Gallery. The day is Friday, the time is 7PM. All are welcome to show their work and come and enjoy
P.S. I think we should all come a little early to hang our work, (I am not sure what happens if we all try to post at the same time :-).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Now Open! The Wishes & Dreams Foundation

Last year around the holidays I wrote on my own blog about a twelve year old girl who due to poverty was not likely to get anything for Christmas. Within a week more than a dozen contributions totaling more than $ 200 allowed me to buy her a variety of art supplies. I gave them to her mother, who wrapped and readied them for Christmas morning.
It was amazing to see how happy and grateful she and her family was but it was even more amazing to see how happy and grateful WE were to have the opportunity to be generous, to give, to make a difference.
Our wonderful Blogland Lane is the perfect place to open The Wishes & Dreams Foundation. It is our first a non-profit organization, and I hope that it may provide the means and magic for many of us to support a variety of good causes.
Just because the address is Blogland Lane, that does not mean that support is limited to those of us who live there. Anyone can help. If you think this is a good idea, please consider writing about it on your own blog. Spread the word. And please take a moment and see if this is something you perhaps want to and can be part of.
I have three suggestions for the first worthy recipients of Blogland Lane's Wishes and Dreams Foundation. You could pick one or all three-that's up to you.
1.She is a 13 year girl named Shane. She is extraordinary. She has been in a restrictive foster care home for almost a year, after being removed from her mother after she and her sister became homeless, after watching her mom beaten up, after needing to be far too grown up for her age. Shane goes to a poor school with few opportunities, yet she manages to get very good grades. Last summer on her own she wiggled her way into a four week acting program (Shakespeare!) and she loved it. She found herself among high achiever peers and it did her a world of good. Recently her assistant principal donated equipment to her so she play soccer.
I would like to raise money to help Shane enroll in another acting program, perhaps even an overnight camp next summer.
2. Many of you already know of the work of Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke in helping the orphan children of Swaziland. Swaziland has the highest incidence of AIDS in the world: a whole generation has been infected, often leaving eight year old children to take care of their younger brothers and sisters. Maithri has started his own Foundation to help the work he does there. Any money raised goes directly to families in need, for clean water, for food, for medicine.
3. The last option does not necessarily involve money. This choice requires that you become some one's secret angel, that you do a kind and helpful act for someone, somehow, and not get caught doing it. BUT you have to tell us. You have to share the details so we can enjoy and rejoice with you about your act of kindness.
I will post this announcement again sometime in November, just as the holidays begin to gear up. But starting now, if you are able to participate now or later, let me know any time which of these three options you would like to be part of. You can contribute any amount of money you would like, by check or through my Paypal account. You can email me and I'll send you my mailing address.
And please, let me know and let us all know. Kind acts inspire more kind acts! Our neighborhood is world wide. I would like to see the Blogland Lane Wishes and Dreams Foundation be world wide also. I can just about guarantee you will get more than you give.
If you can, please, spread the word. Consider yourself a member of the Board of Directors of our Wishes & Dreams Foundation.
Thank you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An art gallery on Blogland Lane

(Click on image to enlarge)
Hi everyone. I have had family visiting and have been too busy to visit much, but I have been thinking about opening an art gallery, down town Blogland Lane called Bliss. Does that sound fun? I will be showing some of my own work, but it would be lovely if some of you other creative types join in and bring your paintings or ceramics and sculptures along to show. All mediums welcome and we have unlimited space! The paintings here are all done with Venetian plaster and acrylics on board. The first one is 8"x8" and is titled a "View from the Sky #2" and the next one is 12"x12" and titled a "View from the sky#1". Next one down is 47"x47" and titled "Push", last we have a 47"x47" painting called "Desire". I will be showing more from time to time so be sure and stop by. If you would like to see more of my work you can go to my art blog at:, or my ETSY site:
Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to see your art work!
Blessings from #19 on Blogland Lane.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lot 40, House 268---Plant Beings?

With the mantra...Anything is possible in Blogland Lane...flowing through my brain, I follow Wolf toward the House.

I feel discombobulated. Where am I...will I ever see my new neighbours,great people I've only just met, again? Will I soon be able to visit those lovely shops which have just opened? Or visit the castle?

Deep in thought, I find suddenly that the lush Rhododendrons and Azaleas, the tall Cedars...the absolute overabundance of flora...are becoming sinister, ominous. My mind is flooded with questions...who planted them? And who is responsible for their upkeep? Who lives here?

I hesitate. There is only one way to find out who the occupant might be, even if Fear is riding my coattails. I must knock on that imposing, almost hidden old door, which looms ever larger before me, in order to find answers.

Wolf has disappeared. I appear to be alone, although I know if I were to call either Wolf or Owl or even Spider, they would come to my aid. But I have been chastised more than once for calling on them too quickly. I have been told there are some things I can figure out for myself.

I walk on, finally arriving at the foot of the old marble staircase. I look up.  The staircase has overgrown Shrubbery and Vines crowding it...when I first set eyes on this strange House, I did not notice how completely thicketed the entry was.

The Vines and Shrubs now appear completely dense. Have they grown since I arrived? Is this strange phenomenon meant to keep me out?

I push my way through the brambly brush.  Whoever is looking after this Home must have difficulty keeping the Shrubbery pruned, since the Plants appear to grow so quickly.

Fear is also growing quickly, weighing me down. And when Fear stymies me, Anger appears. Anger within me can overtake everything, if it is stimulated enough. Fear and Anger are not good companions, when all is said and done.

Yet Anger fuels me, deposes Fear. I have the desire to face whatever...or behind that Door.  I want to understand why I am feeling more and more apprehensive by the energy emanating from the House.

The Vines clutch at my arms, the fiery Pyracantha pushes his thorny branches into my face, the Cedar limbs appear to be attempting to block my progress up the stairs.

I am wearing my old Tweed jacket...the weather has been cool lately, as we begin the journey into Autumn.  It was left to me by Great-Aunt Ida, who would be horrified at the way these Plants are tearing at it. But it is fine Scottish has withstood far worse assaults than this, and the material stands strong against the ever entwining Vines and Branches.  I am grateful for it, becoming even angrier at the lack of respect from the Plant World.

As I edge my way through what appears to be an impenetrable jungle, Wolf appears.

It is quite a remarkable thing when Wolf materializes. It happens in an instant, yet there is a definite process to it. His eyes appear first and sometimes, these are the only physical indication he is around me. His eyes are either bright blue or yellow, depending, I think, on his own personal whim, and completely unmistakable. And then, his nose and ears and the rest of his face, his neck and shoulders, his back and hindquarters come into sight.  The last thing to appear is the sparkling white tip of his tail.

I stop fighting the Branches and Vines and they stop trying to entangle me. I look at Wolf, sitting at the top of the stairs, looking for all the World as if he's just dropped in for a cup of Tea.

Where were you?...I hiss at him.

Unperturbedly, he barely glances my way.  He sniffs the Wind, then yawns before he answers...You are wearing your Aunt's Tweed jacket.  The Plants could not possibly hurt you, even in their overly exuberant welcome.


Back in a moment...

Literary Festival

Hi neighbours
I am at HAVANT LITERARY FESTIVAL on the evening of 28th September where I'll be talking about my writing, and answering questions.
There are still a few tickets left if anyone is able to come along. It would be great to see you there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Magical garden space

Hi guys just a quick note
to let you in on a ~special~ place
within my garden ...Here at 112

i hope you don't mind...
but i have been gathering up
all the odds and bods
that folks have been putting out on their nature strips
for recycling...
And putting together this special spot...
(Maybe you can recognize a few things here?)
It's been so much *fun*
and i would like to invite anyone who is interested
to come on over anytime
with ANYTHING they are thinking that they would like to recycle
...and make/have a little creative *fun* with me

and the really *magical* thing is...
that even the wild~life that are attracted here
are ~recycled~ tOO!!!

Whoo Hoo!

(Ps) and this little number
i've dedicated to Barry
and it's embedded in the top of the archway entry


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just as I Promised! - "Myself & My Homeland"

Hey there! I'm from House#602! How are you guys!? Hope everyone is doing well by the grace of Almighty... It's good to see that our Blogland Lane is going forward very smoothly... Credit goes to all the inhabitants obviously... You guys are awesome... & so is our place!

In a reply to KJ's comment in my last post, I have promised to tell more about myself and my country... Now I'm here to keep my word! :) But I will try to make it as short as possible... For making it easier for you to read!

I, Me & Myself:

I'm just another simple guy of this little world... Studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in a University named IUT. I'm currently at the last stage of 3rd year of my graduation... If everything remains alright then I will be an Engineer by the end of next year, Inshallah! :) I want all the inhabitants of Blogland Lane to pray for me! :)

I should mention some words that I believe very firmly.... Those words tell a lot about me!

"One big reason is enough to make your life hell. I have so many like them. But I'm still happy. Because I have at least one reason to be happy."

This is what I use in all the "About me" sections of all types of personal profile. I believe we can never be happy until we believe we are happy...And I guess' Happiness' does follow the relativity theory of Einstein!

This should be enough to know me atleast a little bit... But if you want to know more about me you can visit the specialized sections (Phenomeneon, Thoughts) of my own blog: A Walk through my Life. My blog does reflect my life a lot!

My Country, My beloved Homeland: Bangladesh:

I live in a small country of Asia named Bangladesh. Though it's a small country it's one of the most densely populated country of the world! And I must mention that poverty and population are the two major problems of our country. But we have a lot of things to be proud of... We have a great history (1952-Language Movement, 1971-Liberation War and so on), we have the largest Sea Beach of the world: Cox's Bazar, we have the largest Mangrove forest of the world: The Sundarbans and so forth... But the most importantly, we have awesome people live around here! :) Our country is so green and we have a nice weather to live in!

Actually, I have a lot to say and it will be unusually long if I continue! So I better stop and just let you guys know that I love my country so so much inspite of all the problems she has! You can check out my posts about my nation in this section: My Homeland. I hope they can provide you with more information. An informal invitation to all the inhabitants of Bloglane Lane: Please have a visit to my country atleast once! I would love to see all of you wonderful guys walking on my land!

So, KJ and everyone, I guess I have tried to keep my word. Now I would like to request all my neighbours to introduce themselves and their respective Motherlands to all of us, right here, in Blogland Lane! :)

Stop by at #602 anytime you like... I feel very bored if I have to take tea alone! :)

EID MUBARAK to everyone!

Bookshop on Blogland Lane

Here's the crime section in my bookshop... Can you see my little book (Cut Short, with a red sticker), in among all the bigger books?

Come in any time and browse, have a coffee, or just drop in for a chat.

# 524 Blogland Lane is Back

In the early days of August, just before leaving on nearly a month of (well deserved) vacation, I did a post here laying a claim to # 524 Blogland Lane. When I got back from vacation I got waylaid and bushwhacked at work and have had to spend a few weeks trying to sort out the madness. . . but at last (kj, my apologies, I know you were despairing of ever hearing from me again) I've managed to open the "New Post" box here, there is smoke coming out the chimney again, the shutters are open, and just in case anyone may have missed the post over at my other blog, here is the humble main house at # 524 (not "624" as listed currently in the directory...), where I'm very happy to have Lynne and Lydia for next door neighbors, as well as all the rest of you good people . . .
As I mentioned in the post over at the other blog, there were a number of properties that were candidates for the coveted address on Blogland Lane, you can see them if you're curious by clicking here . . . Anyway, it's a pleasure to be back, stop by any time, let's get acquainted, neighbors . . .


Friday, September 18, 2009

Employment Community Noticeboard

Chocolate Taster
Mature person required to sample a large range of calorie free Belgian chocolate and advise direction on possible new flavours. Guaranteed no weight gain.

Mattress Tester
Must be prepared to lie down on the job, jump on the bed and to work nights.

Cup Cake Decorator
Nice person with clean hands required to place candy flowers and silver balls on cupcakes. Should have an eye for detail and artistic flair.

Fashionista required to name Spring Nail Colour and Lipstick collection. Hues range from chocolates through to perfect pinks. Must be unusual names highlight their point of difference.

Spa Quality Controller . .required to have a hot spa five days a week and compare jet strength and quality, bubblicity and temperature.

Sommallier to taste premium range of Champagnes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay's. No bottle should remain unopened. No cask drinkers need apply.

Shopping Cart Wrangler. Requires firm hand to round up and return errant shopping carts. Firm but friendly.

Hammock Test Driver - larger person needed to test luxury hammock. Assistance provided to position you correctly. Extended periods of reading, swaying and snoozing required.

Knob Polisher . . Upstanding and fastidious person to ensure doorknobs, bedknobs and cupboard knobs are spic and span. Must have own polishing cloth and no jokes about men.

I'm off to California

To my wonderful friends here... I'd taking my caravan and heading to Northern California for 10 days... I hope to be able check in on what happening here from time to time.

I'm leaving a very messy table of unfinished dolls and more *big sigh*

Have a wonderful wee-end!

Out and About Away From the Island

I visited Margaritaville yesterday. I had a blast but then hurried home to Blogland Lane. Click here for the full story.

Deus Ex Machina?

Does anyone else read Blogland Lane from a reader? Did anyone else see what I saw this morning?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, it seems Blogland Lane is opening its shops and businesses. This week alone we now have a general store, ice cream shop, art supply and Segway stores, a combination dog spa and coffee shop, a yoga studio, a bookstore, and coming up, an employment agency. Not to mention beaches and islands and playgrounds and mountains and lakes and magical bogs and our very first business, Wieneke's Flower and Gift Shop.
There'll be no shortage of coffee on Blogland Lane. For the times you want to stretch out, meet up with friends, watch a poetry slam, hear some live jazz, enjoy a lemon scone or a fresh strawberry smoothie with lunch, catch up on reading, sketch and paint, and/or write your novel, Cookie's Creative Cafe and Coffee House is the place to head. You can stay there all day if you want to.
You'll find me in the corner booth, enjoying the Wifi and my beloved laptop, working away on my own colors and words, happily looking up and stopping to greet you and catch up.


Some of you may not have yet heard ,
but there's a brand new addition to the lane.
Come enjoy our Yoga Studio!
Of course our classes are always free, and our doors are open 24/7.
All of the sessions are beginner level, and are so stress free
that we don't even have instructors!
Or classes.
Come as you are, meditate, practice your moves,
and leave each session completely relaxed,
restored, rejuvenated, and in perfect shape.
Sit on your mat, breathe deeply,think pretty thoughts.
In this photo I captured Mim and Middle attempting one
of the more advanced moves:
The Extreme Toe Lifts.
They did an excellent job in performing this strenuous exercise,
but then they should, as they've been doing this a long time.
Please do not attempt this un-supervised,
or without a good warm-up first.
If you need help getting started, I'm sure either of these very experienced ladies will be happy to show you the ropes.
Before long, you too will be able to do these lifts.
Oh, and I might mention:
The rabbit in the corner is just resting.
She tried this exercise all on her own, and on a belly full of
 black jelly beans.
Not advised.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think I've worked out how to read you a story. Here goes -

Shops on Blogland Lane

The General Store just opened for business complete with a rocking chair on the porch, just step onto the porch and open the creaky screened door.

The Art Supply store is run by an interesting group who believe in creative architecture, but they sell all sorts of lovely paints, and drawing papers and glues and journals...oh, a lovely day can be spent in this store.

Since most of us won't be driving on Blogland Lane, the Segway store just opened for business, renting for a very reasonable price and you get miles off one charge. Woo hoo - what fun.

Finally, the Blogland Lane Ice cream store, where you can get any flavor you want; both soft and hard ice cream, and chocolate coated sugar cones.

What other shops are waiting to be developed???

Monday, September 14, 2009

Aerial View

I thought I would begin our map adventure with an aerial view of our little lane. Since so many of us have water views, I think we must live on a small island. I will insert the map picture here, hoping that if you click on it, you will see the larger version.

Your task is to select which lot number you want to be yours. Don't be concerned that the house numbers won't proceed in order. I've set up the zoning laws myself. Any number, anywhere. I will start by reserving number 51 for myself.

I have numbered 61 lots so far, with room for expension on the north side of the island. Also, notice that there are four common areas, so far, Sunrise Park and Sunset Beach, a public beach, and Picnic Island. Those of you who like higher elevations, choose an inland lot, as that where the hills are.

Pick your spot and leave it in the comments. Once we are all in, we can go from there!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Can't Stop Thinking....

I'm thinking of opening a general store on Blogland Lane, but the truth is I'd rather start a non-profit agency that can help some cause, some effort, some purpose, some person, or some family--that can make a difference in some small way on Blogland Lane and in the world outside our magical neighborhood.
Anybody interested in putting our collective heads together and coming up with some way to GIVE? Last Christmas I collected almost $ 200 for art supplies for a 12 year old girl named Lily, who was facing a dire holiday.
I have an idea or two, but I'd love to hear yours. We're an international neighborhood. We're a fortunate, creative bunch. I'm willing if you are. And the thought of a little non profit storefront on Blogland Lane, well, it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

New Vocation

In the past two weeks, I have replaced an old windshield (windscreen) wiper, replaced a car battery, and diagnosed and replaced a bad fuse. Therefore, I am going to consider myself a fully qualified car repair person/thing-y.

Being unemployed and needing to do these things for oneself can be quite gratifying. The doing-it-oneself part, not the being-unemployed part. Given unlimited funds and leisure time, I would learn mechanical repair, as I love to make things go right.

I have a warped brake rotor on the front end of the car (it's apparently been spending time with my sense of humor (humour), but it may be more than I can manage on my own. It is not unsafe, only annoying, so until the cash for two new rotors falls into my lap from somewhere, I will deal with it.

Meanwhile, I can add minor car repair to my resume (CV), as well as translation skills from American to English!

Just back from a little Walkabout

I walked way up in the northernmost reaches of Blogland Lane, well past where the lane ended.  In fact, I went past where the path ended as well.  I pulled on my wellies and waded across the bog and climbed the hill on the NE corner of the bog.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the bog-but it's a blog bog, so maybe it's ok.  At least that's what I told myself.  There was a rather rude Rancid Spyder Monkey shouting at me from a tree top nearby.  He threw something at me, but I didn't stop to see what it was.  He was in a foul mood and I doubted that anything he threw would be worth investigating.

Just as I crested the hill, I came upon a roving band of elves, and as luck would have it, they were just setting the kettle on to boil.  I love accidents of perfect timing.  We sat and had tea and laughed about everything and nothing at all.  Melita, the elder elf, told me about the time before we settled Blogland Lane.

She opined that having a little direction is a good thing-the lands are less treacherous now for them to travel, but still quite interesting.  Melita makes a good cup of tea and has quite a stash of elven biscuits.  Buttery, sweet, flaky elven biscuits.  Light and rich at the same time.  Perfect with tea and good conversation!

Melita and her crew-there are about 10 of them altogether-were leaving the area to perform at a Fall Festival in the lands beyond the reaches of Blogland Lane.  I issued an open invitation for them to visit me at #13 when they next returned to our region.  Melita promised to teach me to make elf biscuits.

As I sat near the bog to pull on my wellies, the Rancid Spyder Monkey appeared again.  Of course, he smelled the extra biscuits.  His mood was much improved, so we sat and shared a biscuit before I pulled on my boots and made my way home.

If you run into Melita or the Rancid Spyder Monkey on your travels-be sure and tell them hello for me.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lot 268--A House!

It's been awhile since I've provided an update on what we've accomplished since we arrived here on Blogland Lane.

I've been keeping sooo busy.

Visiting, Crab fishing, partying, snorkeling in the crystalline clear blue waters of the Bay...and most of all hiking through this amazing Land...have kept me moving quickly throughout the Days.

Even here, on Blogland Lane where all things are possible, Night still arrives. I've had the most wonderful sleeps, anchored here in the Bay and I feel ready and refreshed and anticipating the Day.

Now, you would think 5 acres of Land is a small parcel. And it should be...but here, those 5 acres seemingly have no end. There is a Lake, a small Mountain, a Stream with Fields, and of course, Ocean and her Beach, all encompassed within its boundaries.

And wonders upon wonders! Upon one of my forays into a deeply forested area, after following an Animal trail...I have come upon a very grand old House. It is a little dilapidated, for sure; yet its bones show a welcoming grace. I have an impression of long lines, an old garden...Roses blooming!

I wonder whose home it is?

I check my bearings...yes, I am still well within the boundaries of my parcel of Land. But I remember being told this Land was bare, with no dwelling ever erected. How very strange!

I must have travelled on the trail in a roundabout way, since Ocean has suddenly become visible, there...just through the Trees.

I wonder where the sloop is.

I wander through a huge Rhododendron Forest, all of them in full flower, in every colour of the Rainbow, towards the Beach. I am South from where we are anchored...ahh, yes. The sloop would be behind the headland over there.

I seem to be in another Bay. How odd! It feels as if I have walked for a whole afternoon...yet here is this House, almost right next door to where we are!

And I am positive I have walked this stretch of Beach before; there was no House to be seen then...just a rather large Field, if memory serves correctly.

I call Wolf for assistance.  I ask...Does he remember a House here?

He wears his usual enigmatic expression.  Yes, he says, in another time...

And Wolf, a male of few words, meanders off to investigate the House, sniffing the trunks of Rhododendron Trees along the way, before I can ask his meaning. Wolf can be irritating; he largely assumes I am able enough to decipher his vague dialogues with me.

I bite my lip. Is it possible I have wandered into a parallel World? How will I return?

But then, I remember anything is possible in Blogland Lane.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maps Anyone?

Click to Enlarge
I've previously posted this on my own blog: it's a map of my childhood home, an exercise I did in my weekly clinical counseling training. It might tell you something about me, your neighbor at # 9, and if it does, I don't mind at all.
But I have bigger fish to fry. I am posting this map today because I would love to see a map of Blogland Lane. I don't mean who lives where, per se, but we now have a playground, a music hall, a store, a fairground. We have mountains and lakes and oceans and fields. Maybe we'll have dog parks and bike trails and a village shopping center.
One thing we have for sure is an overspill of creativity, imagination and good will.
Wouldn't it be cool if several of us took to our pencils or photoshop or what ever and shared our images and visions of how we see this community of ours? Lolo? Mim? Caroline? Pieterbie? Babs? Sonia? Etc. Etc.
Just thinking, as usual.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Story Time

Anyone want to hear a story at bedtime . . . ?

All the Fun of the Fair

Photo Scott Liddell

A lovely old fashioned fairground complete with carousel has arrived at Blogland Lane - just a hop skip and a jump from Swan Lake!


Choose your ride!

Photo Scott Liddell

Got a head for heights? No? Me neither!


Not to worry plenty of sedate little games for those who like to keep their feet on the ground! Fish for Duckies.


And look what you could win!

photo Loui Andary

Your outing isn't complete without a sticky, sweet toffee apple/candy apple or some candy floss/cotton candy/fairy floss (depending on where you hail from)!

Have fun!


Hello my dear neighbors, since I thought you enjoy the last talk about history I decided to continue with this new activity in BlogLand. Welcome on board everyone, we are about to start.

Cubism is the grandfather of modern painting. It's the art movement that changed the way we observe nature and totally revolutionized 20th century art. It was prominent in Europe between 1908 and 1919.

Cezanne was indeed the father of modern art and the bridge that he built between Impressionism and Cubism does much to link the 19th with the 20th century. If paintings prior to1850 were tight and smoothly painted, Cezanne taught us to break away from technique and concentrate more on color and the power of a single brush stroke.

Picasso and Braque noticed how Cezanne attempted to disengage with detail and simplify a painting. The Cubists thought that this breakaway from tradition was honest and had to be capitalized on in order for painting to further it's self. The revolutionary breakthrough began when Picasso and Braque began to see Cezanne´s simple brush strokes as component parts to an image. It's as if Cezanne turned his paintings into machines, with parts and accessories. The parts being the brush strokes the accessory being color. Picasso saw how the painting was no longer "just a picture" but rather a series of emergent properties that could be festooned and altered in any conceivable way. Cezanne cracked the glass, Picasso shattered the glass and put the pieces together in what we now know as Cubism.

The Cubist painters rejected the inherited concept that art should copy nature, or that they should adopt the traditional techniques of perspective, modeling, and foreshortening. They wanted instead to emphasize the two-dimensionality of the canvas. So they reduced and fractured objects into geometric forms, and then realigned these within a shallow, relief like space. They also used multiple or contrasting vantage points.

In Cubist work up to 1910, the subject of a picture was usually discernible. Although figures and objects were dissected or "analyzed" into a multitude of small facets, these were then reassembled, after a fashion, to evoke those same figures or objects. Picasso and Braque so abstracted their works that they were reduced to just a series of overlapping planes and facets mostly in near-monochromatic browns, grays, or blacks. In their work from this period, Picasso and Braque frequently combined representational motifs with letters . Their favorite motifs were still lives with musical instruments, bottles, pitchers, glasses, newspapers, playing cards, and the human face and figure. Landscapes were rare.

Analytical Cubism is one of the two branches of Cubism. It was developed between 1908 and 1912. With a muted usage of color such as grey, blue and yellow ochre the Analysts concentrated on reducing subject matter into the simple forms of cylinder, sphere and cone.

The second branch of Cubism created between 1912 and 1919 by Picasso, Braque and Juan Gris was called Syntetic Cybism. This style includes the usage of oil cloth, newspaper and sheet music which were pasted on to canvass along with the first inclusion of "collage" in painting.

Nowadays, Cubism seems like just another facet of abstract art, but in reality, it came first—and it directly influenced most of the abstract art of the 20th century.

That's it for today my friends, hope you enjoyed the chat, you are welcome to comment about it or ask questions if you want to know more about the subject we talked about.

Monday, September 7, 2009

won it, read it, liked it...

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday's Special is...Cut Short!

CUT SHORT by Leigh Russell

You have been warned.
Don’t go near the park.

When a frenzied killer begins slaying young women in parkland in the sleepy town of Woolsmarsh, newly promoted Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel knows it is only a matter of time before the gruesome discovery of another naked corpse.

What began as a straightforward murder investigation is now a desperate hunt for a serial attacker whose bloodlust is spiraling out of control.

But Steel is already battling demons of her own. Her relocation to Woolsmarsh isn’t going as planned, her relationship with her boyfriend is in tatters, and now threatening messages suggest an old adversary is back to settle a score.

As the park monster continues to strike, the grisly trail begins to take some unexpected turns and Steel is drawn deeper into a deadly game of cat and mouse and a horrifying realization that she might be the predator’s ultimate kill.

To buy Cut Short from No Exit Press, CLICK HERE

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Excerpt from CUT SHORT

That afternoon, the DCI decided to bring John Drew in and ‘have another go,’ as Peterson put it. Pleased to leave her desk, Geraldine led the way up the stale smelling concrete stairs. This time they didn’t find the suspect alone. He peered round the door wearing nothing but a crumpled Tshirt and boxers and protested loudly when they pushed past him to see the dark-haired girl from the flower shop lying sleepy-eyed on the sofa, naked above the waist, her short denim skirt hitched up her thighs. Angela Waters’ boyfriend hadn’t wasted any time finding comfort in his loss.

‘What do you want?’ he growled.

‘Get dressed, Mr Drew,’ Peterson replied. ‘We’re taking a trip to the station. We’d like to ask you a few more questions.’ The girl rose unsteadily to her feet, tugging at her skirt. She yanked a dirty T-shirt over her head.

‘You arresting me?’ Johnny Drew demanded.

‘You arresting him or what?’ the girl repeated sullenly. Her speech was slurred.

‘Shut it, Millie,’ Drew snarled. She hung her head, glaring up at the detectives through her dark fringe.

‘You arresting me then or what?’ He struck a defiant pose, legs apart, hands on hips.

‘We’ll arrest you for wasting our time, if you don’t get dressed now,’ the DS answered.

‘Beat it, Millie,’ Drew shouted over his shoulder as he disappeared into the bedroom, muttering about privacy, Peterson on his heels. The girl slammed the front door so hard the windows shook.

The suspect sulked in the car all the way to the station.

In the interview room, Peterson went in hard. ‘You like beating up girls, don’t you? It gives you a kick. That’s right, isn’t it? Makes you feel powerful.’

Drew wasn’t cowed. ‘What’s it to you?’ he countered, gazing levelly at the DS. ‘None of your fucking business, that’s what. I want a lawyer.’ He leaned back in his chair, folded his arms and stared at Peterson. They left him to kick his heels while they sorted out a brief. Once they reassembled, Peterson resumed. Geraldine felt confident that if Drew was guilty the sergeant would crack him, but she wasn’t convinced they had the right man.

Come to my house for dinner...

Grilled fish with capers... of course red wine!
Stuffed peppers
Grilled chicken and of course a corn, tomato, pepper salad
My new pony ~Sheldon after my best friend Renee's nephew.

and to meet my new pony~
I'm having a feast this coming Tuesday oh wait that's tomorrow~I'd better get my rear in gear.

My Belated Howdy to my neighbors

It's me, Teri (and the cats of Furrydance) of #57 Blogland Lane. I should thing all my neighbors must think I'm a hermit since it's been 5 weeks since I "rolled" up to my piece of heaven at #57, and I've yet to write an "intro" post.

Finding Bliss at 57

I'm thoroughly enjoying my small space and the "five cats in the yard" ala CSNY, and they are enjoying munching on the occasional leaf and insect that float into their cat condo (still housecats but with their kitty arboretum in the yard, they can see the birds, sniff the air and lay in the sweet sunlight outside but be safe).

Now I'm settled into my little home on wheels, I will have time to be with friends, and they will learn I make a great Mojito. That and great Guacamole are two things that spell "relaxation" to me and I think my new neighbors will find that out, too :-)

I got my new bike, it's turquoise and cream--just like my favorite uncles old Chevy Bel Air and I will be pedaling around to visit, bringing with me, my picnic basket of "relaxation". I also look forward to sleeping in a lot (Oh, of course I am retired in Blogland!) and taking some walks with the kitties to get to know the other critters in the neighborhood too (of course, there are no mean dogs, angry cats, or stealthy bunnies...everyone is friendly in Blogland). In fact, I'll leave my front door open when the cats are in the Cat Condo, and a my 4 legged neighbors can wander in to say hello.

The bird feeders are up, and the birdbath has fresh water every day and one of my favorite pastimes is watching the bathers flutter and send water droplets flying like diamonds in the sun. This late in the year, I will have to wait til spring to plant the Nasturtiums and sweet peas I think, but I did plant hedge rosemary all around my home on wheels, so the wheels are hidden now and the fragrance is so fresh! I've hung the hammock and hope there are many days left before the weather cools, that I can lay out and sway in the breeze like the trees...

Well, I'm about to make a tasty Seviche, to go along with a pitcher of please stop by and join me, won't you?

Note: all of the photos of the Lodge on Wheels are from this site