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Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to Move into Blogland Lane

I've moved this to a post so clear up some sidebar space.  There is a link on the sidebar.

To move to Blogland Lane, the process is simple:
1. Pick a location and house #, whatever you want as long as it's available. If you scroll down here, you can click on Middle Age Woman's Directory to see what #'s have already been claimed.
2. Send Debra Kay an email at, telling her you're moving to Blogland Lane. She will email you back instructions so you will be able to post directly on this, our shared Blogland Lane blog.

3. Let your neighbors know you've arrived. The best way to do this is to put a post here as well as at your own blog showing off your house, space, yard, view, whatever. Don't forget to make sure we all know how to reach your own blog as well. (link it or include your blog address in your post(s). And I recommend that you take the time to visit and enjoy your neighbor's individual blogs as well as leaving your comments here.
4. FYI: Due to system limitations, Blogger will only allow 100 of us to post on this blog. As of tonight (Wednesday EST), about 65 of us have claimed space and "author rights." Just so you know: if you know you're moving in, lay claim to your house # so you can be sure you can post. Check Middle's Directory for the list of everyone included in the first 65 (eg Val, Ribbon, Yoon See, Zappha, Hildegarde, etc etc.) We know you're coming and we've counted you in, but don't forget to pick your # and, if you wouldn't mind, it would be great if you let kj know when you arrive. Her email
5. If you have any problems posting or commenting, our whiz Debra Kay will try to help you out. We've had some feedback so far that posting is not working for a couple of people, but hang in. We should be able to figure out the kinks as we get set up.
6. Sit back, meet one another, and watch this all evolve. I have a feeling we are on to something both magical and nuturing, creative and exciting. We can and will contribute and share and benefit in different and important ways. We've just begun...

Welcome with love,


  1. Hi kj,

    I sent a message to the email and was wondering if it had been received, I have had some issues with email lately...


  2. I sent you an invite-my e-mail has been wonky too-I get none, then all of the sudden I get 40 e-mails, some of which are duplicates. Not sure what is going on with the internet these days.

  3. Hi! I don't understand how to pick a number. Who writes it on the directory? I would like to move into your community. Blogland shows up on my directory so I'm somehow there? but I don't see my name on the directory. Please advise! Thanks, Cynthia

  4. I claimed # 70 (I think) and introduced myself. Am I finished with my part?

  5. well, I would join if i could make this middle aged woman link work as i need a corner lot with lots of light, a few well-aged trees and a view...and i am picky but lovable.

    off to bother someone with an email ;)

  6. oh my, i see i have sent two emails now to the same address at different times... hoping to find out where to point the movers. see you soon, maybe ;)

    i said i wanted #71 now it may be 91.