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Sunday, August 30, 2009

# 9 Rear: Mr Ryan

My name is Ryan and this is my house!
I am two and a half years old. Are there any other kids on Blogland Lane?
Could someone build a playground for all the kids--something that includes Elmo, Bob the Builder, and the Cat in the Hat, with swings and sand and seesaws and a water park? My gram said there are some talented people who live here who might be able to make a really neat playground.
It's okay if grown-ups want to use it too.
Any one who wants to visit me in my house can come in as long as you knock first. It fits even big grownups as long as they don't try to stand.


  1. Hi Ryan!
    You are cute. Your house looks fun. I betcha a playground will happen really soon!

    Sweet Dreams,
    Lydia and cat Dear Heart

  2. Ryan- that is one awesome house! Did you have to pay a million dollars for it? And more important, is there enough room for your toys or does grandma need to buy another refrigerator?

  3. I'd like to do a mural on your house, okay Ryan?? Maybe Gram can help me!


  4. hi ryan... nice to meet you!

    sorry, but my kids are all grown up... at least age-wise ;) lol

  5. Oh Ryan - welcome dear boy ! We'd love to come and visit. and we won't stand up

  6. What a sweet face that is that is peeking out of his home... I love that it says welcome to Ryan's house....


  7. lydia, the playground will be soon? are you on the planning board? :)

    middle, my house cost $ 40 or something like that. there is plenty of room for toys inside. i take my crayons in and color the walls. i am looking out the mail slot. sometimes my gram and bb send me letters and cards and my mom puts them in my mail slot.

    lolo, yes! i would love a mural from you!!!

    pattee, thank you. you have a house as neat and cool as mine.

    laughing wolf, but don't you think blogland lane should have kids? i do.

    mim, come and visit. my gram likes you alot.

  8. Hmmm...I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson, who would love to come and play in your house! He doesn't always visit; he's waiting for me to build my house, since he's not too sure about that old sloop.

    Blogland Lane MUST have else would us grownups hold on to optimism and joy? How else would we face each day with anticipation, without children to show us the way?

  9. Tee! Hee! i'm bringing *cupcakes* is that okay?

  10. marion, your grandson is my age! what is his name? he could stay in my house and my gram's house with me until you build your house.

    but how will we get the playground? who will show it to everyone?

    nollyposh, bring on the cupcakes. don't tell my mother, please. :)

  11. Hi Ryan. I'd love to come and visit you in your house. It looks beautiful. Who drew all those amazing pictures on it? It's the best decorated house I've ever seen. I think you deserve to win a prize for your house.

  12. Hi Ryan..

    You are a Sweetie Pateetie...

    do you know emily?

  13. Love the house!
    A playground would not be a bad idea!
    My kids are at the age they can help build :-)
    We could make this a community project.