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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogland Lane's Senior Angel

She's one of our own. She said the F word like it was a prayer, she said "I love you" a hundred times a day and meant it, and she died a few weeks ago after four years of vibrantly living with cancer.
Renee Kahn Senior Angel and Gypsy Caravan Tarot Reader lived at 9 and 3/4 Blogland Lane, tucked in between her moon sister kj and her raven sister Studio Lolo.
In her memory there is a collective love affair taking place throughout the blogs, and many of Renee's many friends are planning to write about their relationship with her and make a book for her family and for themselves.
Every one is invited to contribute to Renee's Book of Love. Visit kj's blog if you want to know how. And if you didn't know her, do yourself a favor and visit
Start reading anywhere. Renee's blog began in December 2009 and is filled with more endearing and sometimes outrageous qualities than words could describe.
She is now an Senior Angel and she will watch over all of Blogland Lane. That is for sure.
Har Har Har Renee. xoxo
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

The vernal equinox has brought with it spring flowers. I posted several of them over at my own blog, but wanted to share my first daffodil of the year, which chose the first day of spring to bloom.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogging place

I wanted to invite you to check out this new community of bloggers that participate in different projects with posts and comments. Thought some of you might like it. This place is called SpaceCollective, you can check my profile here. If you are interested in participating you can ask for an invitation. Here are some of the projects included:

  • The total library: Text that redefines - or - How to redefine the text. Everything related to words, their different interpretations, origins and development.
  • Polytopia: The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. As hyperconnectivity increases, our minds are becoming progressively more coupled and cybernetically joined. Polytopia is a space where the newly born Cyberculture of openness and collaboration can be extended by those in pursuit of a combined interactive intelligence. A mind habitat for our multidimensional co-enhancing minds, for we are infonauts in search of a home.
  • What happened to nature: The majestic nature that once inspired poets, painters and philosophers with a sense of awe and ecstasy no longer exists. Putting humanity firmly at the top of the food chain we have separated ourselves from the natural environment by adapting it for our own short term needs. Now that we have left our synthetic imprint on every inch of he planet, while surrendering our survival instinct to science and technology, the question becomes, where do we turn for our sense of awe and ecstasy in an increasingly man-made world?
  • Start your own revolution: All major institutions in the world today are grappling to come to terms with the internet. The entertainment industry is struggling to figure out how to respond to downloading and YouTube; educational institutions are forced to reconsider their role in the age of the search engine and Wikipedia; and new political models are suggested by grassroots organizations like Thanks to the internet, the tools for revolutionary change are at our fingertips, but as of yet this revolution has no name, no leaders and no formal agenda. We have barely tapped into its potential to become the advanced operating system that will allow us to catch up with the future.

on writing, interviews, and cake!

Dear neighbours
I haven't been here for a while, I've been so busy -and a little down for health reasons which I hope will be all sorted very soon. I need to chill out in my little purple house on Blogland Lane for a while so please join me - the kettle is on and I've just baked a cake... um... OK, I've just unwrapped a cake.
I haven't been completely idle while I've been away. The MS for my second book, ROAD CLOSED, is now finally done and is on course for publication in June. I'm now working on the third in my series, and my publisher have just approached my agent for a fourth...
And to finish on a cheerful note, please take a look at this interview on The Literary Project. I'm rather proud of it! See the post dated 19th March.
Must go - someone's at the door. I hope it's you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Renee is now free

I could not let the day pass without letting all the Blogland residents know that we lost one of our citizens today. The beautiful and wonderful Renee, lost her battle with cancer last night. I know we are all happy that she is no longer in pain. She is dancing with the angels right now, she is free. Renee, was a special woman and she taught us so much. Many in the blogging community are grieving right now. I know she is watching and wanting us to be happy. Sending hugs and love to all who miss her. xoxo

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Latest(s)

Hey BlogLanders! Warm greetings to all of you! I hope my neighbours are doing quite fine and I feel quite guilty that I can't make my way here frequently! But I didn't forget my place here at all! It's #602, the little nest. Hope you guys also remember! :)

The Latest(s):
Spring has come to the flowers of my country. The sky seems quite awesome. I like the way the clouds play with the moon now. They play 'hide n' seek' but it seems like they are in the same team as if we are their opponents! Let me share a nice poem about Spring!

by Mencita (Carmen) Monoi Angel

"the season of spring
weather seems to sing
lovely lovely days
are coming our ways

the season of spring
blooming blossoming
of nature of all kind
let roots unbind

the season of spring
birds unfold their wings
diving high into sky
wish one could fly

the season of spring
careful hearts love sting
reaching out towards others
some persons might bother

the season of spring
nice sound bells ring
new wave new style
faces have on a smile

the season of spring
an new awakening
busy humanity on earth
as if it’s a new birth

listen listen to my words
the season of spring is near
now a look into your lovely eyes
and one can see spring is already here"

Isn't the poem cute? I hope you like it guys!

I'm on a short vacation now. I don't understand why all the vacations have to be short! Strange! Good times are always short! :P I study in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) and my home is in Chittagong. I travel by train most of the time in between these two cities. There is always shortage of tickets. You won't believe that I have to manage return ticket to Dhaka first before I think of visiting home! This time when our train stopped at the station of Chittagong I had to buy the return ticket before I could even see my home! Whatever... the good thing about me is I never get tired of journey. I love traveling. I'm on my final year of graduation. In last three years I have visited my home almost every two weekends of each month! You know I consider almost 12 hours of journey each time and most of the time I can stay home only for 1 or 2 nights!

I want to give you a information about Bangladeshi people. We are never free. We never take rest. We are always busy. You know why? The mosquitoes keep us busy all the time! Right now I feel like they are able to help me fly... You have got to guess their quantity around me!

Happy weekend ahead guys! Stop by at my place @602, I will be glad to have a tea partner. Cheers! :)

[photo source: ruslou]


Hello neighbors! Our vigil for our beloved Renee continues and I'm alternating between being thankful for knowing her and keeping busy. I've recorated my living room here on Blogland Lane and I'm cooking cheese enchiladas tonight for dinner. Anyone who wants to drop in is welcome.
Meanwhile, I'm still rereading poems I've written over the past few years. Here's one that was a sad lament when I wrote it, and might still be, but for some reason I like the energy of it.
Can’t Do
Could you?
I’m at the beginning:
Accept, Accelerate, Acquiesce,
and sprinting to the L’s,
Long, Loosen, Lighten up,
Onto to the T’s:
Trust, Turn in, Truncate,
Then to the final stop:
Zero. Zilch. Zenith.
I am plucking words,
Seeking sounds,
And mixing colors
To explain why oh why
You are there
And I am here
And the in-between
Is alphabetically and phonetically speaking
All Wrong.
Here's wishing you a good day,