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Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome to Studio Lolo at # 7

I've finally arrived in my dream house and my dream neighborhood!
I don't care about material things, but I do believe your house should rise up to greet you and your friends. Mine does that, I'm sure.
The door is always open at the house and the studio in the barn.
I hope I have your favorite refreshment on hand, if so, please help yourself!
There are lots of critters around, I hope you don't mind. I believe they're all hypo-allergenic though, what a relief!
Speaking of critters, I'll be available to anyone who needs a pet nurse as I have 36 years experience. My compensation will be the comfort of your furry companions as they begin to feel better, or if it's time, to cross over.
I'll help you in the best way I know how.
So come on, I'm just a click away! It will be great meeting you.


  1. welcome, lolo :)

    i have two virtual critters at #333, one pictured the other at babs' ;)

  2. Just got an adorable little guinea pig IRL, and want a Jack Russell pup here at Blogland Lane.

  3. yay! yipee! it's my fantastic friend lolo!

    i've been waiting for you. I left a card and special bouquet of flowers (hahaha) on your kitchen counter. I've been pacing in anticipation of your arrival.

    now I'm peering out my window to see what you're up to. i'm going to walk along the beach behind your house and see if you notice me. then i'm going to hug you hello, look up, and say 'this is pretty damn fine'


  4. With two aging dogs, I could use a pet nurse. I have a human one, but she's a labor and delivery nurse, and not too good with dogs.

  5. Hello Lolo, I love your swinging couch (don't know the English word for it). Marvellous house too. It is becoming more and more difficult to say something original, because all the residents have such wonderful homes and gardens. But anyhow, I am glad you came over. Greetings and I would like to see you in my shop at 100.

  6. Hi Lolo,,welcome!
    I have 2 shelties I'll bring to see you,,,one IRL, and one virtual here with me at #64.
    Wolf's sheltie is my sheltie's virtual sister.
    Love your house,,and your barn studio is so inviting! Come for a cup of something,,,

  7. k, i added another, a morgan horse ;)

  8. It is so good to see you here at last. If you see any stray polka dots, just send them home, unless you'd like for them to stay with you for awhile. That's all right by me!

  9. polka dot alert at # 9!!!!

  10. I've got four pets, can I bring em? Welcome Lolo!

  11. Oh hi, Laurel! Good to see you here. I haven't got any pets yet, but they seem to adopt me so no doubt I'll soon have some company!

  12. Zoning update!! My address is now #11 because I inadvertantly chose number 7 after someone else chose it first, but #11 works better for me because it's a master number (yay!!) and I have 2 master numbers in my birth chart.
    The Universe works in mysterious ways ;)

    I'm still next door to you KJ!

  13. Welcome, Lolo.
    I don't have any animals, I love them too much to submit them to my care :-)