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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suki's tent at #65 Hope to soon have the $'s to upgrade

I am at


  1. Suki I see your beautiful blue tent from my
    beach. It looks great,,,but there are FREE
    mortgages at Blogland Bank of America,,run on by and get you one!
    And on the way stop by for a swim,,,Chewy is usually around this time of day, we'll all
    go check out the dolphins.
    Good to see you, neighbor!

  2. Dolphins? Oh Oh... Come on Babs and Suki (running down to beach)

  3. welcome, suki :)

    i'm, at #333... cuz i'm only HALF evil

    which half, you ask? NOT sayin' ;) lol

  4. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a good tent.

  5. perfect abode suki, no housework, and what a view, do pop over for some carrot cake and a cuppa herbal tea neighbour.

  6. Suki-Yours is my favorite, really it is, I love it :-).

  7. i wondered who that was down there on the shore... and it was you Suki ...Down by the dolphins, they must be coming in to see you too!
    i've bought a some homemade soup until you get a stove... You are welcome to stay in one of my gypsy vans (or beach sheds) until your house is ready... Come over anytime i'm just back up the beach lane through the two tea~trees X:-)

  8. suki, it seems you are going to get invitations to stay with different neighbors (me included,) you might have a ball being a temporary nomad. i'll bet every morning is going to feel so good --stepping outside your tent to the sand and ocean.

    i wonder if anybody's a good real estate agent? babs seems to know about mortgages...


  9. Hi Suki - Welcome to the beach! Hope you get fixed up with a larger home soon, but meanwhile enjoy your holiday!!

  10. Hi Suki, in Blogland the weather is always good so no problems living in a tent. I should like to sit before it and quietly watch the ocean together with you.
    Greetings for now.

  11. But Suki . .where's your toilet? Come and use mine. You can't poo in a hole

  12. Hi Suki! If you get tired of living on the beach, you can come to my riad for a break. I'll be down to the beach for a look round, so put the tea on!

  13. Hi Suki
    If you ever want to spend the night in a real bed, just come over to #5 I have a lovely guesthouse in the garden

    love >M<