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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Questions, Answers

Please scroll to bottom: I've updated....

A few answers to a few questions:

1. Yes, you can choose any house number you want as long as someone else hasn't chosen that number already. You're not limited to 100. The following list is probably not totally accurate, I'm sure, but will give you some idea of who's has what. You might be interested to see who your neighbors are too. I liked looking at that...
Sonia # 4
Marianne #5
Lolo # 7
Baino # 8
kj #9
Renee # 9 and ¾
Soulbrush # 10
Marion # 11 ?
Debra Kay # 13
Annie Blissful Bohemian #19
Katie Jane # 20
Deborah Midlife Poet # 26
Wieneke # 30 home
# 100 Gift Shop and
Mim #31
Pieterbie #37
Angela Racada #51
Bimbimbie #53
Annie # 53 A
Teri & the Cats of
Furrydance # 57
Lynette # 62
Chewy # 63
Babs # 64
Suki # 65
Snowbrush # 66
Babbler # 77
JoMo # 88

101 and up

Hildegarde # 111
Nolly Posh # 112
Laughingwolf #333
Louciao # 500
Owen # 524
Lydia # 543
M. Riyahd Sharif # 602
Dedene # 735
Kim # 777

Mariana # 1172
Lone Grey Squirrel # 1313
Margaret Pangert # 1710
Secret Agent Woman # 2125
Caroline # 7984

On the Beach/Oceanside/Lakeside

Maithri Sailboat

Decisions,Renovations and Construction Still In Process: numbers needed whenever...

Lori Ann
The Walking Man
Julie Ann
Sarah/Vottage Garden Studio
More Idle Thoughts
Yoon See
Human Being

Jeanne ?

Margaret Ann
2. I recommend just posting a picture of your house, not multiple pictures or comments. That way we'll be able to scroll down the posts and see everyone more quickly and easily. If you don't mind....
3. Thanks to great feedback, it's now obvious we don't need to limit the number of residents to Blogland Lane. Anyone who wants to can pick a # and a place and move right in. If we reach 100 "authors", neighbors who move in after that can be guest authors or we can maybe figure out how to share posts somehow. Let's just keep going and see how it evolves. If there are people you love/care about/admire etc, please feel free to invite them to join our neighborhood.
4. Debra Kay figured out the ability for her and me (for starts) to post events, activities, parties, notices, celebrations, classes, services, etc on the side bar. Just let one of us know if you want certain information to be shared in this way.

Keep the questions coming. This is a new landscape....

Loving it,

P.S. Update on day one: If you are having trouble posting, please be patient so ms. debra kay can take a look at things. It appears she can post, and I can post, but our first challenge is to make sure every one of us can post. Meanwhile don't forget you can find everybody's blog address on first and subsequent posts introducing Blogland Lane.
Does anybody want to put together our first neighborhood directory, complete with links?


  1. It's all good
    Since My Hair Salon/Spa will be connected to my property at #64, I will give it the number 64.5,,,,if that's okay. I will be listing mine soon.
    Should photos of places of business be added as well as our homes?

  2. I picked "63"... and I now see I'm next door to Babs. (smile)

  3. I thought I was at #51, but you've got me at #53. Either way, it's OK.
    How nice to see who all our neighbors are!

  4. :) :) :) Hi Babs and everyone, I would love to be your neighbor on Blogland Lane! Is #62 still available?

  5. arrrhmmmm How do i post here again? Do i wait for an email to give access?

  6. I'd like #37, please.
    I can remember that, it is in fact my house number. Maybe others here have followed the same logic?
    Still need to decide on what edifice I'll be wanting to live in, that is a difficult one.

  7. ...and to find everyone? (You can tell i have Hobbit blood, and not by just lOOking at my house!) ...Right now it's just by access to their comments... Could we have a list on the side somewhere to visit their blogs too? <3

  8. Hey, nollyposh, I've added my photo to the followers window in the right margin, the url to my blog is behind my photo somewhere.
    It is

  9. angela and bimbimbie, my mistake. angela, you are at # 51 and bimbimbie, you are at # 53.

    some one of us will be better than me at assigning numbers. i'm sure of that!

    you guys are neighbors, along with annie at 53 A.


  10. Lynette, # 62 is yours. once you're settled, i'll wave on my way to babs and then chewy's.

    i added you in....


  11. yes i have changed now to #10 (easier all round)..but also need to know how I can post here-do I need debs to allow it in some way?

  12. Im lost.....LOL...not unusual lately...LOL..


  13. Everyone, until Debra Kay explains again how we each get on to post, this is the message i got from her after sending my email to the address she requested:

    The Blogger user Debra Kay has invited you to contribute to the blog: Blogland Lane.

    To contribute to this blog, visit:

    You'll need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation and start posting to this blog. If you don't have a Google Account yet, we'll show you how to get one in minutes.
    once i got to this point, i put in my email password and i got the blogger menu that let me choose 'new post'

    that is all i can say until ms. debra kay tells us all how to click on that http: address.

    if this information confuses you more, ignore it. i am probably the least proficient among us in setting up blogger. but please have patience, i'm pretty sure it will be simple afterall to get your posts on.

    p.s. a linked directory on the side bar a good idea. i'm hoping somebody may be able to take that on,


  14. Kj, and Debra Kay, what good work ladies! This is going to drive you both crazy. I've connected as a follower. Now I'll try to connect through Google.

    I don't know how to do a linked directory on the side bar, but if anyone can explain it to me I'd be glad to do the directory.

    Again, good work!
    Looking forward to meeting all the neighbors!
    Dedene #735

  15. Holy Cow! It worked!!! I just posted. Woo Hoo!

  16. Hi kj - think there is some confusion over house numbers! I moved in to 7984 (ocean side) but see that you have Margaret Anne in there with me still deciding! I don't mind a different house number - just chose it as it is my daughters' birth years and easy to remember. Let me know?

  17. caroline, 7984 is yours! my apology--i will probably make 300 numerical mistakes before the first round of us settles in on blogland lane.

    dedene,woo hoo indeed! when i see soulbrush and nolly posh, i'll know we're in business! ps i look forward to getting to know you... :)

  18. Hi!! I'm wondering if you have received the emails I've sent. I have not received an email back so I can start posting. Thanks, Annie at 53A

  19. KJ....Im hugging you and emily

    xoxo S

  20. If no one else has done so, I have started a document to use as a directory. As you add your intro posts, I am documenting by name, address, and a link to your initial post. I will work on getting it to Google Docs, so everyone can see! Once it is nearly complete, I will post it here, so we'll have our own directory!

  21. You girls! You're amazing. I just hope I can keep up because this is a really lovely idea for an online community sharing and fun and I'm totally stoked!

  22. Hi!! I'm at #602. I would like to be one of those 100 lucky bloggers who can be a writer of this blog. Please don't tell me all the seats are already occupied! I'm eagerly waiting. Tell me what to do.
    [I could not find Debra's email address!]