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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Animules

I can't draw, I can't paint . . .but I am bringing my pets to Blogland Lane. They keep me company, they keep me calm, they keep me in poverty!

The Boys - Happy at Home

This is Lasalle Royal Flash on the left, 28 year old Arab Gelding and a very talkative boy . . .on the right, is Yorkston Classic . . an Australian Stud Book Welsh Mountain pony who is 17 years old and very, very naughty but oh so cute! We know them better as Laurie (Lawrence of Arabia of course) and Chippy (because he loves potato crisps).

More Schnoofing

And this is Lily . . clearly a Yellow Labrador and my constant companion. Look out Emily, she's schnoofing for wabbits and can't see them for the tall grass but they are there, right in front of her wet nose!

Although she prefers to paddle in the pool because it's always sunny and warm here.

Dipping Paws


  1. Oh! I love your furbabies. Yeah, horses can be furbabies, as far as I'm concerned. I must carry doggie biscuits, potato chips, and carrots the next time I walk out your way.
    Annie at the lighthouse - 53A

  2. ah, baino, how i love to know you are here. this is the first time i've really looked at your horses--how beautiful they are. i love horses but i don't know any. would laurie and chippy let me learn to ride them?

    and lily...she is beautiful too. i love this shot by the pool.

    you know that lolo can and will give animal advice when needed, right? and we are clearly a neighborhood of animal lovers. my stella seems to think that her intake of cookies will be unlimited on blogland lane, and a certain rabbit with the initials e. r. is thinking about hosting an animal get together.

    ps you are more creative than you think. just wait and you'll see...

  3. Ohhhh that pony! I always wanted a horse, never a pony as a child, and now, as an adult I adore ponies. (Don't tell Casper though, I adore him too)

  4. I am in love with all three, but that Chippy
    stole my heart!

  5. baino...I love the family...our pets become our family in the long run. The picture of the horses was soooo dreamy..Loved it.

  6. I could gobble them all up in one, nibble, smooch! What a wonderful group of kids! They're all welcome at #11 anytime ;)

  7. Actually the horsey shot was taken after I retrieved them both from my sister's. She hadn't been feeding them enough and they were very skinny. Now they're fat but too dirty to photograph. And washing them is cold and messy business so it will have to wait until Spring. Haha. Debra . . they were the silliest purchase I ever, ever, ever made. Very expensive grass cutters. I get a giggle every time I see that bumper sticker "Poverty is owning a pony"! Still, I can't part with the smelly buggers. They're happy in retirement. And kj, both are gentle as lambs, perfect for learner lady riders.

  8. Don't worry about feeding Larry and Chips at Blogland Lane, the horse food is free!
    Welcome to them and to Lily. They are a nice addition to the neighborhood.

  9. hey baino... thx for the additional info on your critters :)

  10. They are beautiful. The horses and the dog. All of them beautiful.


  11. Friendly animals, those three. Is it always so warm where you live, Baino? We had here yesterday almost 34 degrees and that was definitely the hottest day this year. The absolute maximum temperature was many years ago on just one spot somewhere in the eastern part of the country: 38.7 degrees.

  12. Life is so much nicer when there are animals around!

  13. I take it you'l have a barn on your property? I love the idea of having horses around.

  14. Wieneke no not always that hot. Winter averages between 10-22 and summer is rarely hotter than 38 and hot days are usually punctuated by southerly storms that come in every four days or so

    SAW, we don't need a barn. Just a fenced paddock but I do rug the horses in the winter.