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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm finally here! #19 on Blogland lane

I finally made it :-). My house is not near as grand as some of yours, but look at the views!
Come on over and we'll go out and frolic on the beach. This is my dream to live in a house like this. I do need to refurnish it though as it is not really my Bohemian taste, but there is plenty of time for that later. Welcome one and all. You can find me over at:


  1. Oh WoW! Amazing views! Seems that we all love a little sea air! X;-) WeLcome neighbour!

  2. Thanks nollyposh, I have not made it over to your house yet, but I am coming.

  3. Ah the views..... cant wait to see what you do with the interior!
    Welcome to the neighborhood!!! I'm just up the street from NollyPosh. Please swing by.

  4. hello annie, oh this view! i would like to sit on the couch with you and have a strawberry smoothie or tuck my legs under me and write a poem while the tide splashes in.

    i like the sound of all of this...

  5. Hello Annie,
    I am walking down the LANE and visit a few neighbors. Just saying hi and have a chat here and there. It is so nice to see all those houses, yards and gardens with friendly people. I am on my way again....

  6. Hi Annie, just strolling past right now - I can smell those pines and the ocean! Welcome to the Lane!

  7. It looks like a great place to me! Great to have you as a neighbor.

  8. Annie Coe, what a beautiful house! The views are spectacular. Who needs tons of room, when we have so many other houses we can go play in.
    Besides, I haven't seen a cleaning service open yet here. So better small, than too large!
    Hope to hear more about you soon.

  9. One Annie to another sends a warm hello. Simple is good. The view, the best adornment. And redecorating is always fun. I'll look forward to seeing the changes. Coffee's on so stop by #53A anytime.

  10. Wow, will you look at that view!
    And the glass wall,,,the red accents
    are perfect here I think. Beautiful,,,and I'm sure will be even more so when you're finished with it!

  11. A place doesn't have to be grand for me, as long as you like calling it home. And a setting such as this one, a beachhouse is very much worth while.
    Welcome in the lane!

  12. Ahhh I love your house!
    Just great!
    C U!