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Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally moved!

I finally moved to Blogland Lane # 5!
I know I am late, but I had to go on holiday first.
I wanted to look for my dreamhouse in Sweden, but when I came home I realized my dreamhouse was just waiting there for me!
So I decided to just move the house to bloglane.
I saw a cute little Swedish house which I will put in the back garden for guests .

Welcome friends!

This is how we did it!

Blogland Lane here we come!!!!!!


  1. marianne!!!!! this is delightful. you have captured an entire event in just a few phtographs. so, neighbor, is there anything you need? wait until everyone sees the mandalas you paint....ohhhhh.

    i am quite thrilled to know you are my neighbor.


  2. Oh, a little bit of Dutch and a little bit of Swedish? You have travelled far with many people in the car too!!! Lovely post. Welcome to the Lane - I'm at 7984 and am looking forward to seeing your Mandalas here - I've seen them in various locations already!

  3. The Beverly Hillbillies had nothing on you as far as having an interesting moving conveyance!

  4. Hello Marianne, welcome here! You made it at last. I understand that you are the Official Blogland Lane Mandala Specialist. Maybe you can organize a course for a few not so talented but very obedient residents like myself ;-) That yellow house is a beauty. The other one is a bit Dutch, it looks like a house I know here. Anyway, come by when you are settled at 30 and of course 100, Blogland Lane.

  5. Thanks for all your welcome wishes!
    I guess it will take me some time to get to know you all but it will be fun!


  6. The moving picture is hyseterical. Glad you got moved in, the house is beutiful.

  7. Haha... Really nice pictures! Welcome to Blogland Lane... Hope we will make a nice neighborhood!

  8. Personally, I just want to move right into your darling guesthouse....except I do have a fine place of my own here. Be especially careful unpacking all that heavy stuff - in fact, just send up a little firework and I'll be right over to help.

  9. Haha . . great post! Cute housed but you really need a bigger car!

  10. Marianne...

    I love your choice in architecture and moving essentials...Laughed TY...Welcome Im at #4...

    Sonia ;)

  11. Very cool! Nice house! Looks like a precarious move, LOL! Lydia told me about blogland lane! I'd love to move to Blogland lane, too!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  12. Welcome! I love that little cottage and that last photo is priceless. Come see me at #19 and we'll have fun on the beach.

  13. Welcome! I love the two little swedish houses. Do you live in Sweden? I think you do need a new car, though.

  14. Hi Dedene,
    The first is my own house here in Holland, the second is a Swedish house and when not in blogland I am in the Netherlands.
    And yes I sure need a new car..........

  15. I'm thrilled you'll be so close to me at #11!!
    It's one of the master numbers in my birth chart, remember?

    And yes, the wine will be chilled and overflowing ;)