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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Feast of Crab!

There's a party tonight, at KJ's. I've promised to bring Crab to the feast...and I'm out to check the traps I set yesterday, in the deep, cold Bay Waters.

I've discovered what must be the biggest secret in the World. I'll let you in on it.  The Bay we're anchored in has the biggest supply of Seafood I've ever seen! It is so abundant, I feel as if I am the first to ever fish this Bay.

I guess I am, at that.

I admit my preference for Dungeness Crab, since she is who I know. I've grown up with her gracing the dinner table, with a little salt and pepper and Oceans of Butter...

But there are Mussels galore, gracing all the ancient posts under the decrepit dock. And Lobster, one whom I only rarely have had the pleasure to know. He is a clever sort, however; he is quick to hide amongst the Coral Reefs. Clams, as well, are a little more difficult to hunt; this food feast would involve a shovel.

Fish of all kinds...Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod and Red Snapper, Tuna and more...grace these Waters.  Some should not live here, but they do...
And some should not be in season; yet, here, time is what I make it.

There are moments when I feel an affinity with a particular Crab, when I haul them out of the Crab traps. And I will always throw her back, no matter her size. And some, I feel are only are part of the circle of Life, here to sustain me as well as any other.

There are a few such today. Their energy sings of more adventures of life in store for them, and I let them go, to live another day.

But we have a huge haul, far more than any crowd could ever eat, even as they protest this very fact. At the beginning of any Crab feast, scores of people protest there are not enough Crab, that they could eat the entire platter.

And yet. After slurpy, lip-smacking, silent and steady consumption of Crab, even the most desirous piece of Crab meat looks a little less so...

So there will be plenty.

I've also brought some old, ripped sail pieces for clean-up. Oh, and the Butter, I've brought some great dipping Butter...
I look forward to meeting my neighbours, many of whom I have not, as yet, visited.  But we had a boatload of visitors last week and a trip away and now it's Harvest time. Very small excuses, I know.

One thing I want to share about me? I want people to know my mantra...Keep It Simple. It is not always possible for me to do so but I keep striving for simplicity. And here it is...Crabs and Butter.

We'll see you at KJ's!

PS: Wolf and Owl have volunteered for clean-up.


  1. Good of wolf and owl to volunteer. I like to clean up as I cook, so there shouldn't be too much to take care of!

  2. I love crab..never had till just recently. I also clean as I go...not that my kids and hubby do...Oh well..

    HI Marion

  3. the only cleanup THIS canuck wuff does at these events is from my plate, so i'm glad you brought them along, marion ;) lol

  4. Crab and butter-two of my favorite things and they go so well together.

  5. I love sea food!
    Shame I couldn't make the party, I was working, I'm afraid.

  6. Middle,

    I clean as I cook as well...but Wolf and Owl wanted to clean the leftovers!


    It's ever thus! Kids and husbands think there are tiny fairies who clean up their messes. They may be right, but generally I clean up before the fairies show up.


    Wolf and Owl were happy to make your acquaintance! They were ecstatic with your mead. Such silly creatures they are, especially after imbibing Mead! Please forgive them their foolishness.


    When I was growing up, crab and drawn butter was the only way to eat it. And I still don't like it any other way!


    I have a feeling it won't be the last party held here on Blogland Lane and I'll look forward to meeting you at the next one!