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Monday, August 24, 2009

#0 blogspot land

Come on in for a cup of coffee in the morning... There's always a pot brewing.
Then come evening time, stay and have a glass of red wine. Some music maybe and stories to tell.
If you'd like I have a couple of rooms to stay in.
... and this one.

Someone asked about my horses? Here are the sweet things.... but they could eat you out of house and home....

Thanks everyone that has commented on my gypsy caravan...
I will take each and everyone up on their kind offer of land, yard and street...

In return if you'd ever like to stay with me your welcome.
Come on in....


  1. i knew it! i knew from the first pictures it was you, pattee!

    oh what a place you have. took you a while to get here, girl, but your presence is so worth it.


  2. I'm looking forward to my first sleep over. I'm already feeling like a run-away princess.

  3. I'll stay with you, if you don't mind. I don't even have a tent to my name at # 66. I was going to dig a hole for Emily Rabbit and me, but KJ said Emily lied about being 47 (she is actually underage), and I'm still too shaken to pitch my tent (how was I supposed to know how old she is--her face IS covered by fur). I don't mind just lying out on the ground most nights, but the rain can be awfully wet at times, and then there's no chance of sleeping in, what with the sun coming up early like.

  4. I adore your horses! And those rooms are so beautiful.

  5. If the horses are a bit tired of being in the open air, maybe they can stay in the beautiful stables at no. 13. Are the horses Shires?

  6. hey, send your horses over to visit my morgan, missy, over at #333, she can use the company from time to time ;)

    thx for the coffee, i just ran out :)

  7. Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening.
    My kind of life!

  8. I just love that cozy nook bed - how delicious

  9. Thanks to you all~ I hope to be visiting all your homes as soon as the directory is up!

  10. pattee, when you want to visit your neighbors, just click on the directory on the side bar to the right of my comment or click directly on who ever you want from the sidebar archives of prior posts. fyi :)

  11. How lovely this is...a perfect setup for dreaming of delicious things!

  12. Count me in every morning at 10 a.m. You can have coffee and I will have tea.