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Monday, December 12, 2011

Moonlight on Blogland Lane

attribution unknown

Just stopping by to wish my friends and neighbors a good evening and a good holiday season. The moon has special powers, do you think so too? I know it's true that hospital emergency rooms and mental health centers have much more activity when the moon is full. And since our bodies are mostly water, and since the moon controls the ocean tides, it all makes sense. Right? Best wishes, kj

Friday, December 2, 2011

Author on Blogland Lane

Just a quick update - my books have been selling like crazy - Number 1 Bestselling Female Detective on kindle, selected as a Great Crime Sleuth on Lovereading, great reviews in the major journals, fanbase growing apace... and I finally have a website, courtesy of my wonderful publisher. Check out my news on and don't forget to contact me if you'd like a signed inscription for one of my books!
Have a wonderful Christmas to all my friends and neighbours on Blogland Lane.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogland Lane Builds Its Holiday Tree

red bows, blue lights, one center piece,

and lobster traps

You'll find the community holiday tree at the pier next Pieterbie's beach house.

Tis the season.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bliss Gallery Opening Debuts Genius Young Artist!

crayons on paper

Bliss Gallery marks the debut of a promising new artist, Mr. Ryan, age almost five, a recent graduate of Everything School, and grandson of Blogland Lane resident Ms. kj mayor. In addition to his artistic achievements, Mr. Ryan is a near expert on two American presidents, George Washington and Hammerhead Lincoln. His next challenge will be designing a holiday collage of random stickers which he will place directly in front of doors and doorways, thereby making it impossible to pass from one room to another. Mr. Ryan also aspires to paint portraits of talking cars and trains. Refrigerator commissions are available on a limited basis at the whim of Mr. Ryan.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Opening at Bliss Art Gallery in Blogland!

It has been a long time, but I thought it might liven up the place if we had an open art show again. The notice has been up for two weeks, so I hope I am not the only one to join the party. This show is open to all artists including word artists :-). Just do a post sometime today before six PM. We will start the show with some of my work from the top of the post working our way down: 3 new paintings, all mixed media on board, "Unfettered" 16"x16", "This is Why" 5"x 5", and the last painting is "Red calls Out Orange" 11"x 14", if you are interested in seeing more go to my blog here.

Next we have some of my handbuilt (not wheel thrown) ceramics, first a tiny feather vase then 4 of my one of a kind porcelain bowls. You can find these items on my ETSY site where I am now having a 15% off all items sale. I also have many other vases, pendants and a few ornaments on my site.

That does it for me. Please join me and look around, have some refreshments and post your own work! Don't let me be the only artist in the gallery!

P.S. Also want you to know that blogger will not let me leave comments on this blog! So I will not be able to comment on your work, but know I will be looking! XOXO

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where in the World?

Where in the world is everyone now?  Literally.

Me-I'm in the middle of my living room.  I am typing and regretting that I didn't make coffee prior to beginning this post.  Oliver the parrot is dozing-he wore himself out playing with a saltine cracker box.  The lovebirds are sleeping too-they are busy pairing off  and become partners so there is a lot of grooming and squawking and few friskier activities.  I hope that one day (SOON) someone will lay an egg.  I've got homes for any babies (I do count my chicks before they are hatched) so ....let the egg laying begin.

Please excuse any construction noise.  As you may remember my house was built on the idea of the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, CA. but I think I want to tear it down and start again.  Since I just decided this this very moment I'll have to mull it over and get back to you on further details.

So-that is all about me-what about YOU?  Where are you as you read this?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Call to Open Art Show

It has been a long time! I am thinking that we need to have another art show at Bliss Gallery.
Let's say November 2oth, Sunday at 6PM, All artists welcome, just do a post sometime on Sunday before 6. See you there!
P.S. I am unable to leave comment in blogland, blogger won't let me!
xoxo Annie

Saturday, November 5, 2011

IN Which Bear Gets Ready for Town Meeting

"Well," sighed Bear. "That's that."
Bear had been working very hard. He found his tent, and brought it into town. He found his food supply (carefully stashed in a near-by mountain cave), but left it there until he could get set up in town.
Then he realized that, living in town, and town Humans having cupboards and shelves, he needed some cupboards and shelves. They could go beside his tent.
So he wandered back to one of his previous homes, and found his old friend Beaver. It was a very, very long trek. Having rejoiced at Bear's return, and having heard what Bear wanted, Beaver got busy and built some cupboards, with shelves on top. They worked by day, and partied at night — mostly telling stories of their adventures since Bear had moved on. What a time it was!
Getting the shelves made was the easy part. Getting them "from there to here" was a totally different matter.
But Bear, fortunately indefatigable, had persevered. First, he had found some saplings, which made runners on a sled. Then he hauled his cupboards and shelves across fields, through swamps, around towns, up hills and down, finally arriving at Blogland Lane.
So, with a little more work the tent was pitched in a favourable spot, the cupboard and shelves were safely located (with top and front covered with a tarp). Then, after all his travelling, Bear made one more trip. To the big cave, to retrieve his provision. Finally, his temporary home was ready. He was so excited! He was ready for whatever happened at Blogland Lane. He felt that he had been Humanized quite enough. Walking across the road to the lake, to enjoy a swim and maybe a fish, Bear saw the poster.
Blogland Lane Annual Town Meeting — beginning November 4, 2011.
Bear was thrilled! Then terrified. Finally a chance to meet the neighbours, if there are any. But would they feel comfortable with him? He hurried home after his swim (and fish lunch). He tidied up his shelves, his tent, his fire (putting on extra wood) and himself. He found some coffee, some tea, and some honey. "Tea with honey should be so inviting for any Humans around here," he thought. The preparations complete, Bear sat down on a log, to wait for visitors coming and going to the Town Meeting.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Announcement! Blogland Lane's Annual Town Meeting

Dear Friends and Residents,

As Mayor of Blogland Lane, I am hereby announcing our annual town meeting to be held starting now and extending until next weekend. I know I have been a pre-occupied mayor and many and most of us have also been pre-occupied, but it's time to extend a neighborly hello to one another, don't you think so?

How are all our businesses and shops doing? Our bake shops? Art Galleries? Library and Poetry Readings?

We've had some losses. It's not the same without Renee, that irrepressible imp and my next door neighbor; and Tessa, who designed and painted our incredible town logo. But we've had many joys too.

Please weigh in and nudge others to weigh in too.

For the last two years, our Wishes and Dreams Foundation has opened its wallets and hearts to support several good causes. And oh the art our residents have created! And the stories! And photographs!

Hello! Welcome! There will be hot buttermilk biscuits, strong coffee, and unlimited M & M's available at my place all week.

love kj

Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Which Bear Decides to Pitch His Tent

Bear was disappointed by his experience at the Municipal Office.

"It's too bad she ran off," Bear thought. "We could have had such a delightful conversation."

But would have to wait for another time. Perhaps.

Having tramped around most of Blogland Lane, and feeling somewhat accustomed to the community, Bear decided to pitch his tent.

But where is the tent, and his meagre supplies?

"Oh, yes," thought Bear, "I had stashed all that in the bush before I came into town."

"So it's time for Bear to head back to the bush."

"Let's see," said Bear. "Probably I'll make a couple of trips. One for the tent; one for the provisions."

"I do understand," Bear thought, "that Humans like some short of shelter. I don't suppose I really need it, but it would make me seem more community-friendly if I have something for Humans to have over their heads when they come to visit." Bear was confident some would come. He had already met a couple; he knew there must be others.

So, off to the bush, to retrieve his belongings. He could have brought everything at one time, but decided to be more relaxed about it.

"Humans like creatures who seem more relaxed," he thought.

"Blogland Lane is a peculiar place," Bear said to himself. "An ideal place for a peculiar Bear." Bear, while not the brightest creature in the bush, at least understood peoples' impression of him.

And so he trundled off.

Monday, October 3, 2011

In Which Bear Encounters Another Person.

There she stood. Middle-aged, very healthy looking. Bright. Nicely dressed. I thought I saw something of a poet in her. 

She gasped. (It's the kind of response I often get, especially when I'm in a new place.) But she did not panic. She sized up her position, backed out of the Office, and disappeared. Very quickly.

"Wait," I cried, in my best Human-sounding voice. 

"I won't hurt you, I just want to chat," I called. Not a great pick-up line; more of a simple truth. A simple, desperate truth.

By time I got to the door, she was gone. Could not see her anywhere.

She knew the community better than I. She new how to hide in it, as well as how to negotiate it. 

Once again, I was alone. Disappointed. 

So, what to do next?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Which Bear Recovers from a Shock, Makes an Important Discovery, and Gets Another Surprise

After standing, shocked, for some time, Bear began to regain his senses.

Bear went out the door. Bear looked up the street. Bear looked down the street.

Nothing seemed to have changed.

Perhaps, Bear thought, this agency was set up partly as a business office, and partly as a tourist attraction. An odd combination. But, well, in a place as odd as this, it makes sense. Or could make sense. In its own, odd way.

Bear thought back to an old Star Trek program. Kirk and Spok had landed on a deserted planet — a planed that seemed deserted. Slowly people began to appear, as if going about their regular business. (That turned out to be a really weird program! Things were not at all the way they seemed.)

The thought brought no encouragement to Bear in the situation. None at all. Not a bit.

Bear was beginning to feel much less certain of anything — including himself.

Was this, perhaps, the replay of a scene from The Wicker Man?

Bear shuddered. His mind was getting away on him. For the first time, Bear felt himself becoming truly alarmed by the incongruity of the situation.

Bear did no like feeling alarmed.

Still, he had his wits enough about him to start formulating a plan. If he were to learn about his new home, Bear became convinced he would need to discover the secrets of the old-looking book on the desk. Being in the Municipal Office, it must have something to do with the community.

Armed with a new fortitude, and tentative sense of adventure, Bear trundled again into the Office, and back to the desk. He opened the book.

Nothing jumped out at him.

He quickly looked through the tome, and discovered his conclusion was correct. It was a ledger, full of useful information. Property details. The whole list of residents and where they lived. The types of buildings — homes, businesses, and more. Inventory of vacant lots. Other notes which Bear could not decipher. Preliminary tax rolls. Some kind of municipal budget in the process of being drafted.

Bear was fascinated. He had hit the mother lode of community information, wisdom, gossip. He wasn't entirely certain about the gossip, but was hopeful. His biggest weakness, that sense of hopefulness. A "Casey at the Bat" sort of approach.

"Ah," cried Bear, joyfully, in something others would have identified as a huge roar. "Now I can get to know who my neighbours are!"

Bear wasted no time in beginning to consider the details in the documents.

Suddenly, Bear, deeply engrossed in his study, was again startled. The front door of the Municipal Office opened.

In Which Bear Wanders About, and Makes Some Discoveries

Blogland Lane is a delightful place. Lots of interesting sights. But no people that I could see.

Which had Bear scratching his head. I know there's at least one person around here. But could I find her? No!

So, instead of wandering vaguely, I decided to take action. After trudging about, I found the Municipal Office. Surely, someone here could set me aright about this place.

I half-expected the Office would be locked up, like everything else. But when I arrived, the door was ajar. (No, not shaped like a jar and made out of glass; it was partly open.) Now, my chance to learn! And see about getting a building permit and all, for my new home. Which means I would be added to the tax roll. Ah, well; the price of being in a community; the price of being a community.

Nobody in. Posters on bulletin boards about an art exchange, an open invitation for folks to drop in for mulled wine and. . . . But those are almost two years old. Around Christmas, 2009.

Hmmmm. Peculiar. A lot of peculiar things in the place.

Nobody at the counter. Nothing on the counter. Nobody at the desk. But on the desk, a large book in a very old style. The kind that needed a key, to remove the post, and take off the cover, so you could add and remove pages. In an era of computers, a utterly incomprehensible way of doing accounting. Antique. And over on the side stand, something else. (Bear creeps up.) A receipt system, in the old "post right" style — must be 50 years old! Another antique.

Then it struck me. Was Bear, perhaps, caught in a time warp? Was I even on Planet Earth? Was this, perchance, the planet of the Apes?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In Which Bear Observes Blogland Lane

Sitting on the bench near the side of the road, the warm sun resting gently on his shoulders, the gentle breeze stirring leaves as it passes, Bear observes the architecture of Blogland Lane.
"All is calm, all is bright."
This is good.
Puzzling, but good.

Monday, September 26, 2011

In Which Bear Arrives, and Is Puzzled

Hello. My name is Bear. Rob-bear. I live at 13eh Blogland Lane. (That's 13A for those of you who aren't Canadyan, eh.)

I'm an itinerant story-teller, five-stringed banjo player, photographer, and would-be artist. I'm also a half decent cook. So it you want a truly decent meal, don't come my way.

My home will meet all relevant building codes, but may appear rather "rustic." There are other words people have used for my habitations in the past. I still think "rustic" is best.

(If we get a really cold winter, I may go into hibernation. I just need to find a cave.)

However, there is a mystery. (Cue theme from Twilight Zone.)

Blogland Lane seems to be deserted. Nobody else here. This is strange. I thought BL would be a very busy community. Yet, um, well. Hmmmm. (Bear casts his eyes around the place, though they stay in his head.) Closed up houses. No lights on. No stores open.

There's got to be a story in this!

{To be continued!}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Offer on Kindle

For anyone owning an amazon kindle my second (bestselling) crime thriller, ROAD CLOSED, is on a special Easter promotion on for £1.20 until 2nd May. Here's the link if you'd be kind enough to check it out

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Lilies Toxic to Cats!

All parts of the lily plant (leaves, petals, bulbs, even the pollen!) are considered toxic to cats and consuming even small amounts can be life threatening. Within a few hours of ingestion of the lily plant, a cat may vomit, become lethargic or develop a lack of appetite. These signs continue and worsen as kidney damage progresses. Without prompt and proper treatment by a veterinarian, the cat may develop kidney failure in 36 to 72 hours.

I continue to be surprised at the number of people who do not know that the Easter Lily is one of the most toxic plants to cats, and how the plants are not labeled with warnings! This time of year, every grocery store has huge displays of Easter candy, baskets, egg decorating kits and yes, Easter Lilies...all ready to be put in the homes of unsuspecting cat owners!

There are many nice alternatives to having lilies in the house (most lilies are toxic to cats, but not seen inside homes as often). Orchids, Easter cactus and violets are options, as are lovely artificial silk lilies.

Here is a link to more info:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"What is essential is invisible to the eye."

Questioning Success?

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wise words of the fox in The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What if all that you dreamed possible 
were within your reach? 
Would you allow life's geyser to flow?
Or would you cap the steaming pressure 
and remain, determinedly, contained? 
Would fear stop you from accepting 
everything that is coming your way? 
How can we feel worthy enough to accept 
and open up to the life we've always wanted?
How can we know that this gift is not only possible,
but here?

Interrogating reality...

A re-post from Oasis Writing Link