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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Fruit Tartes for my Neighbors

Hello All.
I have so many plums right now that I don't know what to do with them! These are Reine Claudes, as we call them in France. I had no idea that the climate here at Blogland Lane was so good for all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

You've all been so busy moving and partying, and getting to know one another that I thought you might need a little energy.

Welcome to all the newcomers. I've got to get out and stroll the lane again.


  1. Oh my. And I was just wondering what to have for breakfast!

  2. Hi Dedene, that looks good. Yes it is a very good plumyear. Reine Claudes are very tasty, but I like the dark Opals too. Thanks, I will take a piece. Never mind the calories. In Blogland Lane we are all slim and we stay that way :-)

  3. Hi Dedene. Breakfast was calling me but my cupboard was bare. I have not gone shopping yet. Now I can put it off because I know what direction to walk in for breakfast first. I'm bringing a thermos of coffee to share.

  4. Yum yum and yet more YUM! I'll be there soon!

  5. Wow, this is great! I missed breakfast and am so glad I stopped by!

  6. Now this looks delicious. I will have 9 and 3/4 slices please.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. I've decided that there is prety much nothing that won't grow here. It's a nurturing place.

  8. MMMMMM...I think you should share recipes...


    Sonia ;)

  9. so you made desert. dedene, that is very sweet.
    i've never heard of or had reine claudes before. it looks delicious.i'v gone back to look at it three times. is this a regular pie crust?

    i am going to totally love hearing about france and your life there.


  10. That's so very French! I'd never have thought to us plums in a pie. We tend to make jam with them or preserves or just nosh em from the tree. Looks delish, pass the triple cream!

  11. Oh wow, Dedene, I love Reine Claudes. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted them in a tart before, I usually just eat them whole, the pure fruit. They need to be just ripe, don’t you think?
    I find them deceptive as a fruit, because the green skin makes you fear that they might be a bit sour, but they are in fact so lovely and sweet. I’m not much one for tarts, but you’ve managed to tempt me. Right now this lands high on my list of desired deserts. When I was working in Nantes, in Carcquefou, to be exact, my assistant used to bring me a slice of plum tart for desert on Fridays, for after my sandwich. I never asked for it, but the sweet girl thought that you couldn’t eat without a desert. I got to love and appreciate Nantaise women, I found them very warm, social and friendly. My assistant Stéphanie was a very pretty girl as well, I guess that helps 