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Monday, August 17, 2009

Lot 268

Phew! I'm finally here...we arrived on our old sloop last night during the Storm, weary and tired from battling the Wind and Waves. But I heard there was Land for sale here, and there was only a short window of opportunity. 

We anchored in a Bay, just down from where the sales office was situated, and I climbed the old stairs up the Cliff (I was quite winded when I reached the top...age is not just creeping's there!) and plunked my dollar down.

I am now the proud owner of five acres of Land overlooking the Ocean with its own private beach. Life can get no better than this!

Oh!  I've forgotten to introduce myself, through all the excitement.  My name is Marion. I write for a blog called Herbal Connection, where I explore Shamanism and Reiki and talking with Animals and sharing my dreams.

We'll be living on the sloop for some time.  It's not as old as it looks...we've fixed up the interior so that it's warm and cozy, albeit small.  Plenty of room, however, for visitors and the proverbial cup of Tea.

When you visit, please don't be intimidated by my Animal friends who stay with me.  They're not always around, but people have been turned away by Wolf, even if he's just laying around on the deck in full slumber.  He's big, and he's intimidating, but he won't hurt you. To the initiated he's always visible, but if he's not when you visit...well, it'll only take awhile.

Owl and Eagle are usually only on the sloop at dinnertime. They have their own lives to live...they come when I need them.

And Spider...well, she's usually in the corner weaving her Words...she's an amazing author, very prolific. I have the greatest respect for her.

I'm going to be hiking through the property for awhile, before I build the house.  There is much here, on this wild, Forested Land, to understand and recognize and Know

For instance, I was not sure if the Land was serviced, but it seems it's not a problem.  There is a small Lake at the very top of the Hill behind us, with a running, burbling Creek, which empties itself into the Ocean. I was told it was great Water; it had never run dry in recent and not so recent memory. So that's one thing off my mind...Water is the staff of Life.

I hope the house will be built soon. It might be difficult to find a contractor, with everyone building their homes. I'm lucky in that Graham, my partner, is a Journeyman Carpenter.  He'll take up the slack, I know, and our home will be built in no time at all.

Our two Dogs, Lucky and Nate, love the beach and all its tiny tidal pools.  Lucky got nipped by a crab...I'm sorry if his howling at the pain of it all disturbed any of our neighbours. (By the way, they get along very well with Wolf...he mostly just ignores the two, but sometimes even our lofty Wolf must play.)

I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, and exchanging plans for our homes.  What an incredible neighbourhood this many diverse personalities!

So please, come and visit us in our old sloop.  I promise the herbal Teas and amazing pies will be right up your alley!


  1. welcome m&g, and critters... nice to see more canuckleheads here ;) lol

    of course, i'll get along superbly with your crits and most especially fellow wuffster!

    btw, i'm at #333, welcome to drop over any time

    [right now i'm in halifax, but lived in bc for a long time...]

  2. marion, please accept my sincere welcome. i have a feeling i am going to learn some things from you, and i will be both excited and appreciative.

    you know tessa and pieterbie live on the beach. you might catch sight of them. and i am going to bike over to you from my place at # 9 because i love the whole idea of chatting on your sloop.


  3. Welcome Marion! You are added to our directory. I might need some dramamine, but I'll be over to see the sloop, too. Usually IN the water, not ON it.

  4. Hi, Marion. Your post points to an interesting question; namely, no one who has moved in is, so far as I know, a contractor. I guess we'll need to resort to community house raisings.

  5. snowbrush, i'm no contractor but if you have electrical probs, i'm your wuff... uh... man ;)

    journeyman electrician, amongst a few other things....

  6. Welcome - looking forward to a tour of the sloop.

  7. Lovely plot you've chosen, Marion! Welcome to the Lane and hope you soon manage to get started building your ideal home!

  8. Welcome! Thanks for bringing the tide pools along. I'll be over soon to see the boat.

  9. Oh wonderful, another animal communicator!! We'll get along just fine, I know it ;)

    My house number changed from #7 to #11 because of a zoning mix-up. That's okay with me because #11 is a master number which is also in my birth chart.
    Stop by with all of the animals anytime!

  10. Life should be full of herbal tea and pie. We'd all be much better off if it were!

  11. I met wolf the other day when I was going by and I introduced myself. He yawned and thought I was quite boring.

    Renee xoxox

  12. Halifax is one of the cities I want to visit when I retire and travel. The East Coast of Canada and Northern US are on the ports of call.

    I'll be visiting as soon as I can...vacation time is here and a boatload of guests as well, lol!


    Ahhhh...those ocean breezes up here on the deck are delightful! I'll look forward to seeing you, and I'll be returning your visit very soon.


    Oh! I'm so sorry you get seasick! Well, we'll visit on the beach...there is an amazing spot already in the cliff...a kind of cave... where Graham wants to build a garage for the sloop. It's really sheltered, so I'll look forward to seeing you!


    Hmmm...that is a slight problem. Is there anyone selling lumber? It possibly won't be much of a problem either; it seems these kinds of knots in the skein of life don't exist here on Blogland Lane!

    Laughing Wolf,

    See. No problems to speak of here!


    I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!


    It won't be long, I don't think, we'll begin soon, to give us time before Winter. A finished room or two would be great!


    See you soon! Come when the tide's low...there are whole villages in some of the pools.

  13. Lolo,

    Those double'll have your home built in no time, if it isn't already...,lol! Be by soon!


    Life IS full of herbal tea and pie, here in Blogland Lane, isn't it? Oh, I forgot how hard you're working to make sure everybody is where they should be, in Blogland Lane. Thank you and KJ so much for this awesome place! Please come by for some tea and a great slice of fruit pie!

    Lovely to see you, I'll be trying to find your place very soon.


    Wolf always's his way of releasing pent-up energy, he tells me. Please don't be offended. He has already accepted you into his pack.

    We all thank you for visiting!

  14. G'day g'day welcome aboard. Just catching up. I'm always late, you'll get used to it. I love mucking about on boats! And I like the cut of your jib!