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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello from #10

I moved in quite a while ago:

I am a teacher and have organised my first course for anyone who is interested:
It is called 'Neighbourliness in the Fabadabadoo World of Blogland'
and runs for 12 minutes at midnight on the 32nd November 2036.
Hope you can all make it.

So, as the sun sets over my wonderful little home, do come and join me (I don't drink any alcohol, but bring your own) and watch the fabulous animals who wander around my garden in peaceful harmony as we relax and chat and get to know each other.

Gerry Giraffe is one of my favourite pets and also my best friend. He is a vegetarian like me, peace loving, filled with dignity and serenity, and loves all mankind. Don't be surprised if you see him wandering around, proud and tall with his head always held high.
I look forward to popping in to see all my new neighbours with a delicious freshly baked carrot cake, to welcome you all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank KJ our Mayor, and Debra (who I vote as Deputy Mayor) for all their hard work and imagination in putting this altogether. We all need a place like this in which to just BE.


  1. Oh yummm. Carrot cake is my fav. I rustle up a good cup of tea as well.

    Gerry Giraffe is a dear. I bet he is so soft.

  2. That sunset over your place is breath taking!
    Carrot cake is one of my favorites,,,I've brought some Starbucks. Here,let's have some!

  3. Fabulous animals?????? I'm running over with my sketchbook.

  4. Lovely and I love Gerry. Carrot cake is my favrite, yum...Come on by.

  5. dear soulbrush, thank you for the thank you but the pleasure is mine.

    i had no idea you have a giraffe in your yard. i will want to meet gerry giraffe for sure. and i see you've already met babs and chewy and nollyposh and annie. do they know your hair is purple sometimes? i think that will just confirm how interestingt and unique you are. you are going to be a riotous neighbor, i just know it. but how come the course is so far in the future? i'll be in the blogland rest home by then...


  6. Hello Soulbrush, nice to see you officially in the LANE. Is it alright with you if I try to stroke dear Gerry a bit? Do you have a stepladder for me?

  7. Hi there Joss! I love the pics you've posted here! Welcome to you and Gerry of course! Can't wait to taste your carrot cake - has it got creamcheese icing on the top?

  8. Woosha beaufuls . .I love giraffes! They have the most amazing purple tongues!

  9. Oh, I love carrot cake and I love animals. So glad you're bringing your pets with you. I'll be over soon to watch the sunset with you.
    Count me in for your first class!

  10. hey sb, really neat place you have :)

  11. 2036! You are certainly planning ahead.

  12. We are nearly neighbors!!!
    I prefer cheesecake...................
    I would love to come over and pet your giraf!!!

    Liefs en wfs!!!!!

    You live in a tree house????