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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"My Hero Sheldon"
Even though I have never met "Sheldon"
(for all who do not know the name..Sheldon is Renee's nephew)
He has become my Hero...
Hero's come in all walks of lives.
Police, Fireman, EMT, celebrity
Those are all life choices, they chose to be in that position.
"Sheldon" did not choose to be 25yrs old
and be handed a death sentence of a rare cancer.
He was suppose to be somewhere else at this time.

"Sheldon" is a MY HERO..
because he has accepted what was given to him, strong beyond his years, and a good honest soul.
My Hero is 25 yrs old, lying in a hospital bed in Canada
in dire pain.

in your prayers, thoughts,
and learn from him.
I know I have...Renee's strength and wisdom
was also given to her nephew and his mother Jacquie.
Please put Renee, Sheldon, Jacquie, and the
whole family on your

lists for prayers.
Renee (Lovey) I love you dear friend..
Kiss "Sheldon" on his forehead for me..tell him he is,

Hug Jacquie for me..Hug one another.


  1. Oh Sonia I couldn't agree with you more...
    He will be my hero also.

    So will Jacquie and so definitely will Renee be my hero. All of these wonderful people have touched my life in so many ways I could not count.


  2. also me... blessings and prayers to all

  3. for our neighbors who do not know, renee is a special woman with a courage and zest for life unmatched. she has shared her journey with stage four breast cancer, and now her sister jacquie and nephew sheldon are in the battle of their own lives.

    sonia, my life has been touched in ways i will always hold dear. xoxo

  4. Prayers-and a special look at my own life, for which I am now more grateful.

  5. It is one of the saddest things in life: people who are attacked by that terrible disease cancer. I am not a religious person, but I wish the people involved strength and courage to make the best of their life if possible.

  6. Renee...Has touched and healed my heart..and Now Sheldon and Jacquie will have touched my soul and life too.

    xoxox S

  7. Prayers extended and an extra special hug to you, Sonia.

  8. If there was ever a real life hero, Sheldon is it.

    Sonia, thank you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. He has become my hero too. Love and hugs to him
    and the whole family. xoxo