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Thursday, August 13, 2009

#1172 Blogland Lane

Hi my name is mariana, I justed moved in to this lovely neighbourhood. In the picture below you can see my house, is the one with be big wooden door and red bricks arround it. I moved here all by my self but pretty often family comes to stay. If you want to knoand aw a little bit about my interests and activities, you can check here.

I found this poem which I think is fantastic for the opening of the community, it is called the path, and I think is the one that all of us has to walk trough in Blogland Lane.

Let’s leave behind
The things that do not matter,
And turn our lives
To a more important chapter.

Let's take the time,
Let's try to find
And maybe then
We'll find again
What we have long forgotten

The sun is high
The road is wide
It starts where we are standing
But now one knows
How far it goes.


  1. Hi Mariana! It's soooooo fun living on Blogland Lane with you after becoming friends via our blogs! How exciting. And how beautiful your welcoming doorway is on the Lane. The poem is perfect, too, and I thank you for it.

    You may have possibly missed my gift of music for your home because there are so many posts each day. Click here for the music and to meet Dear Heart, my cat.

    Come see us soon!

  2. Hello Mariana ... I hope you can hear me knocking on your big wooden doors - I'm over at #53 and I've just put the kettle on*!*

  3. Lovely colour house you've chosen Mariana - and lovely poem too! Welcome to the Lane, I'm at the end - #7984

  4. Lovely and i do so admire a fine door X:-)

  5. I love the poem. I wrote a short post called Filling the Path. Maybe I'll cross-post, as it seems to fit our ideals here.

  6. oh mariana, you not only have a warm and cozy house, you are located on a warm and cozy part of blogland lane. please accept a big welcome. you will bring some intellectual discussion and thought provoking stimulation to the neighbhorhood. i love that.


  7. Hi Mariana, there are castles and tents and all between in Blogland Lane. That makes it so interesting. I am a bit curious to see the interior of your house. May I?

  8. Hi girls, sorry I did not answer before, I never saw this, no comments arrived to me. I just hanged my proud bloglandlane logo in my wall, today.

    Lydia: you are incredibly nice, I really apreciate you a lot, thanks you so so much for all.

    Bimbi: Hi, great I might have some scons, or can bake cookies, although I am not great with the kitchen chores, I might get by for a neighbourgh friendly tea arrange. Thanks and take care.

    Caroline: Thanks you very much my dear, I am going to start getting to know you probably pretty soon, so we can take advantage of our lovely comunity.

  9. nollyposh:
    You liked it? it is from the old part of the city of lima, colombia where I stayed for a while cause my sister is married with a colombian guy.

    Happy you like it my new friend

    Middle Aged Woman
    I love to see it, did you post it already, if not please do I am really curious about it

    Thank you very much for exverything, this is a wonderfull community that you made, indeed I was wondering because there was a post I would like to make, well there are a couple indeed, but the first I thought about was impressionism. We will discuss it soon for sure.

    Thanks a lot for letting me know the things taht you have, I can show you some pictures of that house sure, I need to look for them dough, but the issue is that I am not there any more, I am back in my country, staying with my mom, I am just in between finishing the sell of my old house and buying a new one.

  10. I like that colourful row of houses!
    Welcome in the lane!

  11. pieterbie
    Thank you very nice, which one is your own house If I might know as well?