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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Friend

A new home, lots of time for leisure...but something is missing. Something I've been wanting for a couple years...
Is there an animal shelter nearby? I need a new pup.

*Photo courtesy of my nephew, Patrick and his wife, Amanda.


  1. do you mean on blogland lane? i dunno :(

  2. talk to studio lolo

    she (and teri) will be our resident pet expert.

    and if you are thinking of getting a dog in your non-blogland lane life, i vote a a resounding YES. it seems the time is now. my dog stella was a shelter dog and everyday i am thankful for helping her have the life she deserved all along.

    virtual or real, i hope you go for it!


  3. Oh my, what a lovely doggie!!!

  4. Oh, sweet baby!
    I'm sure there's one looking for you now,,,