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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#333 blogland lane... see more, hit the link in my archives [near the bottom], sidebar...

everyone is welcome to pop over, enjoy the flicks, bowl a bit, grab a few drinks, have a swim, and dig into the seafood


Sherwood Sheltie Puppies

...say HI to SEESEE, virtual sister to my own sheltie pup,
KENNY, his colors are almost identical to this pup's :D one born in the year of the horse,
here's a buddy!



  1. Seafood. My fav. I'll bring the fresh roasted coffee right out of my roaster.

  2. Love that natural stone house you've built there, wolf!
    Pass the popcorn, if you don't mind,,and come on by,,,lasagne at my place tonight!

  3. annie, welcome any time with the fresh brew ;)

    pieterbie, you read it right! :O lol

    babs, hot popcorn coming right up! and, just like garfield, ol wuff LOVES lasagna :D

    i'll bring a gallon of chianti... to share!

  4. welcome neighbour, will bring along some carrot cake for dessert.

  5. seafood? did i hear seafood? and now you have fresh coffee and wine and desert.

    and what don't i get that pieterbie does?

    welcome wolfie, it's nice to know you're here.

  6. Hello Laughingwolf, nice to meet you. I am just walking this morning down the Lane to greet the new neighbours. I like your bungalow very much. Bye for now.

  7. Welcome - and nice to meet yo. Seafood sounds great - be round in a bit! That sky sure is blue over your house, but then I'm not expecting too many cloudy skies in the Lane!

  8. Wuffa you're a secretive cove . .give us a look inside . .

  9. Laughing Wolf, your house intrigues me! I love seafood but Chianti isn't drunk in gallons, it must be in bottles of 750 ml from Italy. But since all is possible at Blogland Lane, I'll get your Italian connection set up.
    Can't wait to hear more about you.

  10. lol... thx all, good to get to know you :)

    welcome back, any time!

    baino, just see my blog archive, near the bottom... but i'll show the multimedia room :O

    as for gallons of chianti, dedene, easy... they come in casks, no? ;) lol

  11. oh wolfie, you;ve added photos and that media room is enough to drop by even without seafood. you can have special events in that media room...


  12. thx kj... that part of the place is open, 24/7, for anyone who wants to visit :)

  13. OH! I'd not seen your multimedia room. Fabulous,,,what's playing tonight?

    Please, can my Sheltie Mille be a virtual sister too? She wants to be,,,,,

  14. of course she can, babs ;)

    tonight's flick is an oldie, On Golden Pond

  15. Wow! That is an amazing place. I'll be right over :-).

  16. welcome any time, annie

    what dvd movies you bringing? ;) lol