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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coffee is Hot at #53A

I'm dropping in to say hello to all. I'm so happy to be here, to actually have a place to visit that is the image of my dreams. The coffee is always on - hot and fresh. Tea can be provide in a jiffy. I'm practicing my baking and cooking skills, so if you dare, share a meal with me too.

My back porch is there for you to rest at if you need a break during your beach walks, even if I happen to not be around.

Wishing you all the loveliest of days no matter the weather.

I'm easy to find. Here I am at In My Dreams


  1. annie, you can cook for me anytime! and your back deck! i'll be looking for you during my first walk along the beach.


  2. Annie,,,your place isn't far from mine,,I think I can see that awsome deck from here!
    Yes, there it is,,,the one with the lantern. Thanks for "leaving the light on"
    A meal sounds just perfect, thanks,,,add my plate!
    (and come by anytime)

  3. (passing empty plate) I never cook, I'm more of a "sandwich & salad queen"... I'll help with clean-up.

  4. Oh my God, hot fresh coffee, what time in the morning do you have the stuff brewed?
    Very nice place you have!

  5. Hi P. I'm looking for your place. I don't think you've moved in yet. Alas. Coffee is always on. Always hot. Always fresh. That is the fantasy and the reality. It's never too early or too late.

  6. hiya and welcome, don't drink coffee, but i'll bring some carrot cake for us to enjoy as we get to know each other.

  7. Welcome Annie. Tea for me please!! I'll be passing by when I go for my early morning walk tomorrow!

  8. Welcome Annie,
    If you want to have a cooking partner, we can make some delicious treats for the rest of the neighborhood.
    Love your house, it's so New England-ish!
    Come and visit at 735, the pink riad.
    Bye for now, D.